Do you want to be sure?

Sometimes you just have to know exactly how high the temperature is. To avoid taking drugs for no good reason, for example. At MEDISANA you will find a variety of thermometers that you can rely on.

Thermometer TM 700

Precise measurement of the body temperature: oral, axillary, rectal

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Infrared multifunctional thermometer TM 750

Precise measurement of the body temperature in the ear and on the forehead in seconds

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Thermometer FTC

Acoustiv fever alarm. Precise body temperature measurement: oral, axillary, rectal.

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ThermoDock® Infrared Thermometer Module

Precise temperature measurement with innovative technology

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Infrared clinical thermometer FTN

Particularly hygienic. Contact-free-measurement.

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Infrared ear thermometer FTO

Infrared measurement in the ear. Measurement in 1 second.

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Digital thermometer with flexible tip FTF

Flexible tip, Automativ switch-off

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