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How it works

Transfer your data to VitaDock Online via Bluetooth


Our VitaDock®+ app allows to store and analyze your personal vital signs like blood pressure, blood glucose, weight and activity.


Additionally you can synchronize your your stored values using your VitaDock+ app on your iPhone®, iPad®, iPod® touch and a broad range of Android smartphones, where they'll always be right at your fingertips, from anywhere.


Easy forwarding or printing of statistics and tables for one‘s doctor and caregivers.

VitaDock® Online

Health Management with Vitadock®Online on PC or Mac

  • Central storage of all vital data without memory limit
  • Password-protected data are available worldwide from any internet-accessible device
  • Easy forward or printing of statistics and tables for one"s doctor and caregivers

VitaDock+ App

At hand, always and everywhere, on smartphone or tablet!

  • VitaDock+ allows you ti access your stored data anytime, everywhere in form of detailed graphics
  • Easy thanks to intuitive touch navigation
  • Detailed presentation of all values over time
Download now:

   Connection to VitaDock® Online    

Transfer your vital data results from your VitaDock+ App to VitaDock® Online and benefit from the numerous features to view and display your data in the online portal. VitaDock® Online by Medisana® enables you to save, access, analyse and export your own health data such as blood-pressure, blood sugar, weight, temperature, saturation of oxygen in blood and activity. Additionally you can synchronize your data stored in the online portal with the VitaDock+ App on several iOS and Android devices.

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