More types of massage...

Shiatsu massage seat cover PR-M80

Intensive Shiatsu,
rolling or spot massage

12 massage heads with
rotation and switching

2 massage zones, can be
selected individually or in

... more relaxation.

Shiatsu acupressur massage seat cover PR-M90

Deep-action Shiatsu massage meets beneficial acupressure. The extra feature for relaxation:
the height-adjustable neck massage.

3 levels of acupressure
intensity selectable

Individually adjustable
neck massage

More information.

Body analysis scale PR-S90

Instead of just weighing: Determine your weight, body fat, body water, muscle mass and bone density as well as the BMI. Save, synchronise and share these values via Blootooth using the Vitadock®+ App.

body analysis.
BMI determination
(with App).

Automatic recognition
of up to 8 users.

More room air quality.

Air humidifier with hygrometer PR-H90

Integrated hygrometer:
atmospheric humidity
automatically controllable

Timer (1-24 h)

More well-being.

Foot spa PR-F90

Achieve a feeling of relaxation and well-being with triple reflex zone
stimulation. Jacuzzi and vibration massage, red light
function and individually selectable water

2in1: Bubble bath and
vibrating massage

Automatic red light

Digital display for water

More safety.

Upper arm blood pressure monitor PR-B90

Taking your blood pressureat home has been made easy thanks to an easily readable display with extra-large digits, a large cuff and grading of the measurement values with a traffic light coded colour scale in
accordance with the evaluation system of the WHO (World Health Organization).

Accurate blood pressure
measurement on the
upper arm

Traffic light colour
scale according to WHO
(World Health Organization)
evaluation system


The MEDISANA PRIME line has been specially created for customers who appreciate products with high functionality and best workmanship, but also fit their modern lifestyle.

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