Applying the positive new-year resolutions in practice: More fun with exercise thanks to the new fitness products from MEDISANA

Neuss, 25.01.2019. The new fitness products from MEDISANA are able to fuel the enthusiasm for exercise and physical fitness, and thereby help to prevent the good resolutions from being thrown out the window again immediately before the new year has even really started. The trend towards physical fitness and a new body awareness hasn't slowed down in any way. Whether it involves building up muscles, burning calories or increasing endurance - the desire to achieve the best personal physical fitness isn't just keeping sports enthusiasts active. Everywhere you look, people are walking, running and exercising as much as they can. This year, MEDISANA, the pioneer in the field of mobile health and the market leader in the massage area, is particularly focusing on the trend themes of fascia training and massage.

Fascia fitness is the name of a continuing trend, and considered a health movement situated somewhere between exercise and prevention. With the new PowerRoll XT and PowerRoll Classic, Medisana is expanding its product range, so that more and more consumers in this country can roll their way to an improved fitness. Thanks to their innovative deep vibration, both fascia rollers can even reach deep-seated muscles. They are both suitable for the activation and regeneration, strength and stability exercises, as well as for fascia training. Eight different intensity levels can be controlled conveniently and easily with the + and - buttons. While the PowerRoll Classic has a standard width of approximately 31 centimetres, the PowerRoll XT is fitted with an extra-wide training surface of 45 centimetres. PowerRoll Classic und PowerRoll XT are available in specialist shops and online at a price of EUR 99.95 RRP and EUR 129.95 RRP respectively.

The new VibrationBall from Medisana ensures an optimal activation and regeneration of the muscles. It is particularly suitable for the targeted self-massage of all body areas. Even parts of the body that are difficult to reach, such as neck, shoulder and back or buttock muscles, can be easily accessed and massaged without the need for a therapist. In addition to the massage effect, which is achieved by the rotating ball, the Fascia-Ball by Medisana also offers a soothing vibration. This way, it not only intensifies the massage effect, but also ensures that deeper muscles can be reached and relaxed during the application. With the new VibrationBall, a targeted use on the fascia, as well as a loosening of muscles and trigger points can be achieved. The VibrationBall by Medisana is a massage and exercise device all in one - in addition to athletes, it is also suitable for people who suffer from back of neck tension. The VibrationBall is available at a price of 119.95 Euro RRP from specialist shops and online retailers.

MEDISANA is the leading specialist in the Home Health-Care market. For over 30 years, this German company has been committed to improving people’s health under the motto “Your health in good hands”. MEDISANA is a pioneer in the mobile health management trend, and also a manufacturer of future-oriented products for a modern everyday life in an increasingly networked world. MEDISANA develops, markets and sells products worldwide for the categories Mobile Health, Health Control, Wellness, Sports, Therapy, Healthy Home and Personal Care for health-conscious consumers.


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