Experience the feeling of a real massage with the new medisana NM 890 shiatsu neck massager

Neuss, 11.12.2019. Neck pain is widespread. It is estimated that every second adult in his or her life has to deal with neck pain at least once, more often or regularly. No wonder, because the neck is very quick to notice when things aren’t right. The causes of neck pain are manifold: incorrect posture – whether you’re hunched in front of a computer or sitting tensely behind the wheel of a car – draughts or even mental stress can result in neck pain. Often, however, pain is not limited to the neck area, but can be felt right down to the shoulders and up to the head. A special neck massager is a quick, uncomplicated, medication-free remedy.
The new medisana NM 890 shiatsu neck massager in high-quality linen look offers a particularly soothing and intensive shiatsu massage for the neck, as it is specifically adapted to the ergonomics of the neck area. The unique and specially shaped massage heads make the massage feel very similar to a kneading neck massage performed by a real masseur – ideal for those stressed out by everyday life and people who feel tension particularly in the neck and shoulder area. The NM 890 shiatsu neck massager can also be used flexibly on the shoulders, back, stomach, thighs and lower legs. The intensity of the massage can be individually adjusted by pulling on the straps. The NM 890 shiatsu neck massager also offers three different rotational speeds and two massage modes – right and left rotation – so that everyone can find the perfect massage technique. The optional heat function ensures added relaxation and well-being. Thanks to the integrated control panel, the device is comfortable to use. It is also easy to maintain thanks to the detachable, machine-washable neck cover.

The medisana NM 890 shiatsu neck massager is available in specialist retail stores and at www.medisana.de for the price of € 149.95 RRP.


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