Has working from home got your feeling tense? medisana’s massage products provide effective, soothing moments of relaxation

Neuss, 06/05/2020. Many people are currently seeing a change in their working patterns: working from home is the order of the day. In theory, this promises many advantages: no stressful commuting, you can set your alarm a little later, you can eat a delicious, freshly prepared lunch, and when you finish work for the day, your leisure time begins immediately. For many, however, working from home not only has a psychological effect, but also harbours some physical risks. Often, people replace their office desk with their dining room table, or carry out their conference calls sitting on the sofa. Whatever your personal workday looks like, as a rule, your home office is not as comfortable or ergonomic as the office, and allows for little variety of positions or movement. Incorrect sitting positions and tense or cramped working postures on the computer are the consequence. The result? Working on a PC, laptop or tablet can quickly lead to persistent tension as well as back and neck pain. Our health suffers.

With the help of medisana’s modern massagers, users can quickly and conveniently alleviate physical complaints as well as improving their physical and emotional well-being. The health benefits are correspondingly diverse: tension relief, stress relief, pain alleviation, promotion of blood circulation, lowering of blood pressure and heart rate, stimulation and relaxation of muscles and connective tissue – and all this in the comfort of your own home, whenever needed. The new medisana NM 890 shiatsu neck massager allows you to experience the feeling of a real, kneading massage. In a new linen-look version, it offers a particularly soothing and intensive shiatsu massage for the neck, as it is specifically adapted to the ergonomics of the neck area.

Even when we’re not all working from home, neck pain is already widespread: it is estimated that every second adult in his or her life has to deal with neck pain at least once, more often or regularly. No wonder, because the neck reacts particularly quickly and sensitively to
incorrect postures. The unique, specially shaped massage heads ensure that the massage experience comes very close to a kneading neck massage carried out by a real masseur. The NM 890 shiatsu neck massager can also be used flexibly on the shoulders, back, stomach, thighs and lower legs. Depending on your sensitivity, the intensity of the massage can be individually adjusted by pulling on the straps. Three different rotational speeds and two massage modes ensure that everyone can find the perfect massage technique for them. The optional heat function ensures added relaxation and well-being.

As specialists in the field of wellness and massage products, medisana is particularly concerned with everything relating to massages and their soothing, health-promoting effects. medisana’s extensive range offers a selection of different massagers for every part of the body from the head to the feet – the right product for every need. The medisana NM 890 shiatsu neck massager is available in specialist retail stores and at www.medisana.de for the price of € 149.95 RRP.

medisana is one of the leading specialists on the home healthcare market. For over 35 years, the German company has been committed to people’s health with the motto “Your health in good hands”. medisana is a pioneer in the trend of mobile health management and provides future-oriented products for modern everyday life in an increasingly networked world. In the field of massage, the Neuss-based company is the German market leader. medisana develops, markets, and sells products related to mobile health, health monitoring, wellness, sports, personal care, therapy, and healthy homes to health-conscious consumers around the world.


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