AD 640 Aroma diffuser
Touch Control Buttons
Product number: 60086

AD 640 | Aroma diffuser

Touch Control Buttons

  • LED time display
  • Aroma diffuser for fragrant oils
  • Wellness light with colour-changing in 3 colours
  • Automatically switches off when the tank is empty
  • High efficiency through micro-fine atomisation
  • Low-noise and energy-saving
  • Timer for programming operation: 30/60/120/180 minutes

AD 640 Aroma diffuser

The aroma diffuser AD 640 for fragrant oils generates a micro-fine mist using modern ultrasound technology, enabling the fragrance to spread evenly throughout the entire room. It is very easy to use thanks to the touch control buttons. They enable you to easily set the start and time period for the aroma diffusion as well as the colour effects of the wellness light.