Medisana Air® Room Air Purifier

Cleaner air – healthier life
Product number: 60300

An increasing number of people are striving to gain a healthy lifestyle in recent years. The room air purifier MEDISANA Air has a positive effect on your well-being in your own four walls. Particulates, house dust and pollen, animal hair, mould spores, mite allergens and tobacco smoke as well as all smells can be filtered out of the room air using the broad filter spectrum of the MEDISANA Air.
  • The patented LED dust light ensures that the air is optimally filtered and it displays the degree of pollution or if the filter needs to be changed.
  • Day – and Night Mode

    MEDISANA AIR® switches automatically from day mode to a very quiet night mode. Thus, the innovative air purifier is an efficient way of providing fresh air in enclosed spaces around the clock.

Cleaner air – Healthier life

Cleaner air – Healthier life

Cleaner air – Healthier life


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