Over a million users rely on the medisana VitaDock+ app to manage a healthy lifestyle on the go

Neuss, 21.10.2019

More than a million users have downloaded the VitaDock+ health app from medisana. This impressive figure marks another milestone in the history of the company, a leading specialist in the home healthcare market. This corresponds to one million people who are using smart products to make managing their health on the go even better. People are increasingly no longer willing to leave anything to chance when it comes to their health. They want to know their vital signs, check them regularly, and actively work to improve them. All this requires knowledge: knowledge about your own health data. This important vital data is provided by medisana's smart health products. They provide information about your blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, temperature, blood oxygen, as well as activity and sleep. The VitaDock+ app is used to manage, evaluate, and analyse the data optimally.
As one of the pioneers in the field of mobile health, medisana offers products for optimal personal health management with its integrated Connect series solutions. At IFA 2019, seven new mobile health products were presented. They serve as intelligent interfaces between medicine and modern lifestyle, guaranteeing increased personal mobility, flexibility, independence, and security. All Connect products transmit their data via Bluetooth® 4.0 or WiFi to the VitaDock+ app for iOS and Android systems as well as to VitaDock Online. With just one app, users can retrieve their vital sign data at any time and place and track their results over time with easy-to-understand graphs.
In 2011, medisana became the first provider to introduce the VitaDock® app with matching Connect devices. Since then, the Neuss-based company has continued to expand its extensive range of Connect products, constantly launching new products to meet the growing demand for health optimization and monitoring. The company's growing expertise and evolution is seen in the innovative medisana Home Care Robot. The robot is a digital companion for everyday use recently presented at the IFA, is easy to operate by voice command and is designed primarily to provide uncomplicated access to digital services for older people.
The medisana VitaDock+ app has already received several awards: This year it received the coveted Plus X Award, the world's largest prize for innovation in technology, sport, and lifestyle. The app convinced the jury of renowned experts by the way it met the three criteria of design, ease of use, and functionality. In 2014, the magazine connect named it the App of the Year in the Health & Fitness category. Critical to the jury's decision was the value offered by the app as well as its handling and design as well as the way it displays the data.
medisana is one of the leading specialists on the home health care market. For over 35 years, the German company has been committed to the health of people with the motto "Your health in good hands." medisana is a pioneer in the trend of mobile health management and provides future-oriented products for modern everyday life in an increasingly networked world. In the field of massage, the Neuss-based company is the German market leader. medisana develops, markets, and sells products related to mobile health, health monitoring, wellness, sport, personal care, therapy, and healthy homes to health-conscious consumers around the world.

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