Selective Self-Massage - Accelerated Recovery: The VarioRoll from MEDISANA

Neuss, 26.06.2017. Sport is more than just a leisure activity for the off-time after work. Sport keeps us fit, promotes our health, and can also have a positive effect on physical deficits. Many people suffer from muscle tension on a regular basis. This is usually very painful and often associated with intense head and limb pain. The VarioRoll from MEDISANA is able to quickly provide relief, in order to improve our health. It equally symbolizes activation, regeneration, fascia training and massage. It is particularly suitable for the selective self-massage of highly muscle stressed body regions such as the back and neck. However, it can also be used on the arms and legs. The special characteristic: Because each body is different, the VarioRoll can be perfectly adapted to the different muscle areas through an adjustable distance of 20 to 24 centimetres between the balls. Muscle tensions, trigger points and adhesions are thus stimulated much more easily and quickly. The VarioRoll, which is designed in Germany, is particularly gentle on the spine through its three-stage size adjustment option.

In addition to activation and regeneration, the VarioRoll can also be used for strength and stability exercises. Thanks to the clearly structured training plan, it is immediately ready for use. The training exercises mainly target the areas of mobility, flexibility, balance and strength - so that the body will once again find its equilibrium and be free of tension.

The VarioRoll is available at a price of 29.95 Euro (MSRP) from retailers, and at

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