Smart for a healthier life: The new VitaDock+ App 2.0

Neuss, 27 April 2018. Knowledge is helpful. Knowing about your own vital signs and personal health is very helpful. The free VitaDock+ app by MEDISANA presents your own vital signs in the form of clear daily, weekly, monthly and yearly views – no matter if it's your blood pressure, weight, steps, blood sugar or blood oxygen. Because smart products, such as blood pressure monitors and body analysis scales, are perfect for a healthier life. The new VitaDock+ app is now offering a new design as well as great additional features. Following a relaunch, the app now provides perfect comfort in mobile health – so that users can have their vital data prepared wherever and whenever they want in the best way possible. As a result, the MEDISANA app world supports the control and personal responsibility for one's own health and gives everyone more freedom to consciously adapt himself to his own body.

The new design and better structure of the dashboards primarily serve to increase user friendliness and usability. Additionally integrated tiles, for example, enable a direct comparison of your current weight with previous measurements, and your individual progress can be tracked by the primary value via a circular display. Different colours for each category ensure better orientation during use, and in the graphs area, there is now an improved view and overview of measurement results and values.

As a leading specialist in the home health care market, MEDISANA is at the forefront of the mobile health management trend, providing future-oriented products for today's everyday life in an increasingly interconnected world. Mobile health products guarantee greater mobility, flexibility, independence and security, especially for personal health control. MEDISANA stands out as a pioneer of mobile health by continually developing intelligent products which form an interface between medicine and the modern lifestyle.

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