The future begins in Neuss: Manufacturer of health and massage products enters the robotics market

Neuss, 24.06.2019. The health care specialist medisana GmbH has founded a joint venture "meditemi" based in Hong Kong together with the start-up company temi. medisana GmbH is a subsidiary of the Chinese Ogawa Smart Healthcare Technology Group Co. Ltd., one of the world's leading manufacturers of health care and massage products. The aim is to introduce an intelligent home care robot under the umbrella of the medisana brand in Europe and later also in the USA and Asia with a focus on home health care. The start-up company temi has already been awarded the title "Best robot of CES 2019" for its personal robot temi at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and Shanghai. With well over 100,000 visitors, CES is one of the largest electronics trade fairs in the world.

medisana GmbH will initially introduce the home care robot under the name medisana temi in Germany. medisana temi is a robot that brings health monitoring, health prevention and more independence into a person’s own home. Its operability is intuitive and self-explanatory via voice control and touch display.

Rafael Aviram has been appointed CEO and President of meditemi. As Vice President Marketing & Innovation of medisana GmbH, he now also heads the new joint venture. In the past, the experienced executive manager already proved his intuition for the successful implementation of his visions. In his position as Chief Innovation Officer of the parent company Ogawa, Rafael Aviram selected medisana as the exclusive distributor for robots in Europe because he trusts medisana's expertise in the home health care market. Ulrich Schulze Althoff, Chief Digital Officer at medisana in Neuss, will support him as Vice President Global Business Development. Ulrich Schulze Althoff is considered an expert in the field of digitizing the health care market and was in charge of the development and launch of medisana's VitaDock+ App in 2011, which is one of the first health care apps on the German market.

Rafael Aviram emphasizes: "We are convinced that the home health care robot is a global opportunity for us, especially in the Asian growth markets". Schulze Althoff adds: "Robots are helping us in more and more areas of life. That is why we are investing in this market of the future. The medisana VitaDock+ App will be integrated into the robot. We see this as a consistent further development in order to be able to support people even better in health care".

medisana will present the medisana temi home care robot at the IFA 2019 in September.


The medisana home care robot was created from the joint venture meditemi, founded by the health care specialist medisana and the company temi, a robotics startup based in New York. medisana is one of the leading specialists in health care. The company works continuously on the further development, production and marketing of health products for end consumers. Temi has already developed a lifestyle robot, which the company currently offers worldwide. The temi company was founded in 2016 by CEO Yossi Wolf. Today temi is a global company with branches in Shenzhen, China (Production) New York (Marketing & sales), Tel Aviv (Research & development) and Singapore. Well known key players have invested in temi such as former CTO of Alibaba John Wu, Generali Investments or the Ogawa Smart Healthcare Technology Group Co. Ltd., one of the world's leading manufacturers of health care and massage products.




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