The smart home device: the medisana temi Home Care Robot celebrates its premiere at IFA 2019

  • medisana home care robot celebrates its market launch in Germany

  • medisana temi supports comprehensive health monitoring and preventive healthcare and provides domestic independence for the elderly

  • Artificial intelligence navigates autonomously and establishes contact with relatives in emergencies


The healthcare specialist medisana will be launching its first home care robot in Germany at IFA 2019. medisana temi is designed to help people live independently within their own four walls until they reach old age. With smart services and artificial intelligence, it makes everyday life easier - and increases safety thanks to various health services and emergency response functions.

Neuss, 10/07/2019. Living independently and autonomously - this wish does not diminish even when everyday life becomes more arduous in old age. With medisana temi, medisana presents a home care robot at IFA 2019 that supports elderly people and their relatives in their everyday lives and provides more safety, communication and entertainment. To this end, the manufacturer of health products has teamed up with the company temi to develop medisana temi. ‘We are pleased to launch our home care robot in Germany. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it really interacts with humans. At the same time, its mobility, navigation, video and audio integration, as well as its health assistance systems, support independence for users with health challenges,’ says Rafael Aviram, CEO of meditemi and Vice President Marketing & Innovation at medisana GmbH. ‘We are thus offering an entirely new dimension of home care’.

A quantum leap in the home care sector

The robot can assist its users in coping with everyday life. As a home health assistant, it can provide comprehensive health monitoring, preventive healthcare and domestic independence. Thanks to its Home Care AI, it constantly learns and navigates autonomously through the home. The robot can be controlled intuitively and simply by voice command or via the touch display. This ensures that it is always there where it is really needed. In an emergency, an emergency alarm call can be made to relatives by voice command or touch control. In the future, automatic call forwarding to an external emergency service is also planned, which will take effect if personal contacts cannot be reached. In addition, up to four authorised relatives or nursing staff can remotely view the home and navigate the robot by remote control using the temi app to check whether everything is in order. ‘You're not alone with medisana temi. This increases the feeling of security in everyday life,’ says Schulze Althoff, Vice President Business Development at meditemi and Chief Digital Officer of medisana GmbH.

Partner in prevention

The home care robot also supports preventive healthcare: in conjunction with the corresponding medisana Connect devices, the integrated VitaDock+ app can be used to record vital signs such as blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, pulse rate or oxygen saturation. If desired, the own health data can be sent to a person of choice, for example to the family physician or to relatives. In the future, it is planned to add a telemedicine function to the home care robot to enable users to contact their physician directly if necessary. Today, the robot already automatically reports when vital signs are in the critical range. It also provides reminders for the measurement of indicative health parameters. Here, too, its operation remains simple and intuitive. All data collected via VitaDock is subject to German data protection regulations. This protection is guaranteed by a security concept specially developed in collaboration with Deutsche Telekom. The data is stored in Microsoft's European Azure Cloud. The servers are located in Europe.

Integration of Amazon Alexa

medisana temi not only provides connectivity with the outside world in the area of healthcare. Video communication brings family and friends to the user’s own living room. Corresponding communication functions can be called up simply by voice control or touchscreen and can also be used with the aid of a hands-free system in the event of restricted mobility.

‘A key issue for us in the development phase was counteracting social isolation and loneliness,’ says Rafael Aviram. ‘The medisana temi makes it possible to spend more time with one's loved ones or with the things that give one pleasure.’ Of course, the device can also play music and films. Thanks to the integration of Alexa, all the functions and the over 3,000 skills of the Amazon virtual assistant are also available.

Market entry in Germany

In Germany, medisana temi will be presented at IFA 2019 in September and is expected to be launched at the end of the year at an expected selling price of EUR 2,999 including 30 months of service. Other European countries and the USA are scheduled to follow. medisana temi is the result of a joint venture between the companies medisana and temi. It is the further development of a lifestyle robot that temi already markets in the USA. ‘With its products, temi opens up completely new forms of connectivity. And, with medisana, customers can be certain that their health is in good hands. At medisana temi, we have bundled these two areas of expertise in a smart home care solution,’ explains Schulze Althoff.


The medisana temi home care robot was created in the joint venture meditemi, founded by the healthcare specialist medisana and temi, a robotics startup headquartered in New York.

Medisana is one of the leading specialists in healthcare. The company works continuously on the further development, production and marketing of healthcare products for end consumers. Temi has already developed a lifestyle robot, which the company currently markets around the world. temi was founded in 2016 by its CEO Yossi Wolf. Today, temi is a global enterprise with offices in Shenzhen, China, New York (marketing & sales), Tel Aviv (research & development) and Singapore. Prominent key players like former CTO of Alibaba John Wu, Generali Investments or the Ogawa Smart Healthcare Technology Group Co. Ltd., one of the world's leading manufacturers of healthcare and massage products, have invested in temi.


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