AH 661


Numero dell'articolo: 60052

AH 661


Numero dell'articolo: 60052
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For the improvement of the ambient air in your house, including an aromatherapy compartment

The AH 661 humidifier helps you to improve the quality of the ambient air in your home and to create a healthy indoor environment. Ambient air which lacks humidity can lead to tiredness and lack of concentration, and increases vulnerability to infections and respiratory diseases. With the help of the AH 661, you can individually adapt the indoor environment to your personal needs. Ultrasound technology atomises moisture into micro-fine particles. You can choose between 3 nebulisation settings, and you can also pre-programme the humidifier thanks to its timer feature. The integrated aromatherapy compartment spreads a pleasant scent around the room, while the pre-heating feature reduces the level of germs and bacteria. The result? Your mucous membranes are protected from drying out, your eyes and airways are less irritated and breathing becomes easier.

AH 661 – germ-reducing pre-heating feature

  • Humidifier with ultrasound technology for improving ambient air quality
  • Hygienically clean thanks to the integrated pre-heating feature to reduce germs and bacteria
  • Aromatherapy compartment for the use of scented oils
  • Choice of 3 nebulisation settings
  • Highly effective thanks to micro-fine atomisation
  • Automatic switch-off when tank is empty
  • 3,500 ml water tank
  • Touch control buttons
  • Whisper-quiet and energy-saving
  • 2/4/6-hour timer feature

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