Adjusted forecast for MEDISANA AG following preliminary results: Slight sales revenue growth; 2013 operating earnings fall short of expectations

April 11, 2014 – On the basis of preliminary FY 2013 results, the Management Board of MEDISANA AG no longer assumes that EBIT operating earnings have improved compared with 2012, despite the slight sales revenue growth that the Group achieved.

Reasons for this include price reductions in the company’s business with major customers. These price reductions were larger than in the previous year, and also higher than forecast. Further reasons included adjustments applied during annual stocktaking to the valuation of inventories due to technological further-developments, and the recognition of income from a partner agreement that was postponed until the first half of 2014.

The Management Board now anticipates an EBIT loss of around EUR -3.1 million for 2013 (previous year: EBIT loss of EUR -2.4 million). As far as the current 2014 financial year is concerned, the Management Board anticipates that sales revenue will grow slightly year-on-year, and that operating earnings will report a significant improvement.

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