MEDISANA presents the new blood glucose monitor MediTouch® 2

Neuss, Germany. MEDISANA presents the MediTouch® 2, a new blood glucose monitor that gives diabetics the safe feeling of being optimally supported in the management of their health. The new test strips are a special feature of the MediTouch® 2. They are based on an improved enzyme composition that specifically reacts to glucose, thereby minimising the disruptive influence of other substances. This enables the MediTouch® 2 to take even more precise measurements, fulfilling the requirements of the new ISO (DIS) 15197 Standards. In addition, the test strips are able to detect underfilling to prevent measurements from being carried out on small amounts of blood.


The measurement data obtained from the MediTouch® 2 can subsequently be transmitted to VitaDock® Online via the integrated USB port. VitaDock® Online is a free online portal developed by MEDISANA to save, retrieve, evaluate and export personal vital signs. In this portal, blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, temperature and activity data can be saved separate to the device and viewed as statistics and tables. This, in turn, allows users to manage their personal health comfortably using a PC, Mac, iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPad® and diverse android devices.



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