An excellent start to the New Year

An excellent start to the New YearThe “Deutsche Hochdruckliga” (German Hypertension Society) has awarded MEDISANA’s upper arm blood pressure monitor MTX its seal of approval

The upper arm blood pressure monitor MTX from MEDISANA has now been awarded the coveted seal of approval from the Deutsch Hochdruckliga, in addition to the Plus X Award in the “ease-of-use” category. The seal of approval certifies the accuracy of blood pressure monitor measurements in patients who self-monitor.

The MTX unites elegance, precision and ease of use, and its first-class features speak for themselves. It comes with an easy-to-use, preformed “EasyForm” cuff that makes placement on the upper arm simple.

The displayed blood pressure can be calculated from both a single measurement and three consecutive measurements. This “3/MAM technology” ensures that measurements are accurate and is especially helpful when monitoring the blood pressure of persons with abnormal heart rhythm.

The unit uses a traffic light colour code to rate blood pressure measurements according to the WHO (World Health Organization) classification system. It recognises abnormal heart rhythm and comes with a useful feature: sufficient memory to save 99 measurements for two users.

The in-built radio-controlled clock relieves everyday stress by setting the date and time automatically. This means that manual resetting is also not required when changing from winter to summer time. The MTX can be used immediately and is particularly easy to operate thanks to its comfortable one-button operation, the pre-installed batteries and the large digital display.

As with all upper arm blood pressure monitors from MEDISANA, the MTX has been clinically tested.

*MEDISANA* has been dedicated to the area of health, therapy, and beauty for over 27 years now. It was the first business to recognise the enormous potential of the home health care market and has been focussing on the development, production, and marketing of premium health care products for home use since 1982. Intensive quality controls make sure that the performance and reliability of all MEDISANA products fulfil our customers´ high expectations and maintain their trust in us.

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