Keep an eye on blood oxygen saturation levels and heart rate at all times with the Pulse Oximeter PM 150 from MEDISANA

Neuss (Germany), 19th January 2015. It does not matter whether you are participating in day-to-day sports, high-altitude sports or suffer from chronic cardiac and pulmonary diseases: the new Pulse Oximeter PM 150 from MEDISANA informs you of your blood oxygen saturation levels and heart rate.

The PM 150 uses a simple method to measure these important vital signs. The device is placed on one finger and it starts to measure. This method enables pulse oximetry to be conducted without having to puncture a blood vessel – and is thus pain-free for the patient. Users are able to keep an eye on their arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2) levels and heart rate (pulse) perfectly thanks to this innovation from MEDISANA. Once the measurement has been successfully completed, the measured values are shown on the PM 150´s high-quality LED display. The PM 150 is certified according to the MDD (Medical Device Directive) and, with its simple “one touch” operation, is ideal to use when away from home.

The collected data can be transferred via Bluetooth Smart (4.0) to the free VitaDock+ App on your smartphone. The user is also able to save the collected data separate to the device at VitaDock Online, a free online portal developed by MEDISANA. This online portal enables users to view all data simply and comfortably as statistics and tables as well as export and synchronise data with other smartphones or tablets.

The Pulse Oximeter PM 150 is now available in stores and at for €89.95 (RRP).

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