The transformation of a smartphone into a bike computer: MEDISANA presents the cycling sport heart rate wristband Mio VELO

Neuss (Germany), 26th January 2015. Whether on a racing bike, mountain bike, cycling indoors or just going for an everyday jog: the new sport heart rate wristband Mio VELO is the perfect accessory for every cyclist and is able to convert the user´s smartphone into a modern bike computer. This innovative new product from MEDISANA is the perfect companion if you wish to train effectively.

Mio VELO does not have any annoying chest straps and measures the pulse directly at the wrist, immediately and without fuss. Heart rate is measured continually, enabling users to keep an eye on their customised heart rate target zones in the Mio Go App at all times. A visual alarm notifies them as soon as their heart rate has drifted outside these zones. The MIO VELO has integrated ANT+ and Bluetooth ® Smart 4.0 technology. This means that Medisana´s latest product can not only connect and transfer heart rate data to smartphones and compatible apps such as Runtastic, Strava, Wahoo, Cyclemeter, Endomondo, MapMyRide and sports equipment such as treadmills or elliptical trainers. The Mio VELO sport heart rate wristband replaces bike computers, receiving data from ANT+ speed and cadence sensors and converting them into a Bluetooth Smart 4.0 signal. It is thus simple to transfer bike sensor data to compatible apps.

As with all of the new Mio heart rate wristbands, Mio VELO works with the same award-winning technology developed in collaboration with the Philips Electronics Technologies Research. Two LED sensors and one electro-optical lens measure the flow of blood in the capillaries. The actual heart rate is calculated using complex Algorithms based on the pulse´s signal. In comparison to leading heart rate monitor systems with chest straps, MIO Link achieves up to 97% ECG accuracy.

Mio VELO is a soft silicon wristband with a six-coloured LED. It is recharged via a USB charging station and is immediately available in the colour blue in specialist stores and at for €129.95 (RRP).

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