The new ViFit Activity Tracker by MEDISANA® counts every move – because very move counts

Neuss, Germany.

We would all like to be fit and healthy. Health-conscious consumers are closer to achieving this goal, step by step, with the new ViFit Activity Tracker by MEDISANA. The tracker counts every move – because every move counts. In addition, the highly sensitive motion sensor detects the number of steps taken, calories burned, distance travelled, the total movement time and the daily goal achieved as a percentage. However, the ViFit Activity Tracker not only ensures perfect control of personal energy performance, but it also motivates its wearer to be more active, e.g. to climb steps instead of using the lift. The ViFit Activity Tracker helps users to increase fitness a little every day.

And it does so around-the-clock: the tracker also tracks important data during the night. After activating the sleep mode, it detects the intensity of movement in sleep. Thus, users receive insightful information about the quality and duration of their sleep.

The data measured with ViFit can then be transferred and evaluated in VitaDock® Online. VitaDock® Online, developed by MEDISANA, is a free online portal for storing, retrieving, analysing and exporting one’s own vital signs. In this portal, blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, temperature, and brand new activity data can be stored independently from the device and read in the form of statistics and tables. Another advantage: VitaDock® Online also enables the synchronization of data saved with the VitaDock® App to an iOS or Android device. This enables one to manage one’s own health easily with the PC, Mac® or Smartphone.

The tracker can be easily and discreetly carried in a trouser pocket or clipped to a waistband, belt or bra. During the night the strap of the tracker allows a secure fit and thus provides a reliable detection of the data.


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