The Perfect Training Manager: the new Mio ALPHA 2 Heart Rate Sport Watch from MEDISANA

Neuss (Germany), 18th February 2015. The winter fat has to go – as quickly as possible. In order to accelerate and optimise training results, physicians and sport scientists recommend wearing a heart rate watch. The new Mio ALPHA 2 heart rate sport watch from MEDISANA is the perfect companion to effectively and individually train away winter fat.

The Mio ALPHA 2, the next generation of the Mio Alpha, impresses with ultimate functionality, maximum comfort and attractive design. The LCD display of this intuitive-to-use heart rate watch is now also illuminated, showing the current heart rate, exercise duration and time in 24-hour mode. The intensity of the sport activity is also monitored providing the user has first programmed in his/her personal target heart rate zone. If the pulse does deviate from the optimal heart rate set, an acoustic signal sounds so that the user is also able to identify the intensity of the workout at any time without looking at the watch. Thanks to this training manager, both competitive and amateur athletes training for a marathon, for example, are able to stay on the safe side.

The technology of the Mio ALPHA 2 was developed in collaboration with Philips Electronics Technologies Research. Two LED sensors and an electro-optical lens measure the blood flow in the capillaries. The actual heart rate is calculated using complex algorithms based on the pulse´s signal. In comparison to leading heart rate monitor systems with chest straps, this innovation from MEDISANA achieves up to 97% ECG accuracy.

In order to use additional functions such as the measurement of speed, training distance, pace and GPS, the Mio ALPHA 2 can be connected up to Smartphones and compatible apps, such as Runtastic, Strava, Wahoo or Endomondo using Bluetooth® Smart 4.0 technology. When combined with the Mio GO App, the Mio ALPHA 2 can also take the training experience up to a new level. Training results are not just simply recorded, they can be relived for instance in an interactive virtual training session.

The Mio ALPHA 2 has a soft wristband made of silicon, is recharged using a USB charging station, is waterproof up to 30 meters in depth and available in black and yellow in specialist stores and for 169.95€ (RRP).

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