The new PowerRoll from MEDISANA with deep vibration for an intensive workout and for effective regeneration

Neuss. Physically fit into the New Year: At the right time in the fight against the winter pounds, MEDISANA presents the PowerRoll with intensive depth vibration. This novel massage roller supports sportspersons in building muscles, as well as in the recovery and regeneration of their muscles, because in PowerRoll, MEDISANA combines pressure massage through self-weight with a deep-acting vibration massage. An effect that is immediately tangible.

The use of PowerRoll can be started immediately by following a clear training plan. Four programs support the warm-up process, the muscle-building and the regeneration. The exercises are aimed at the aspects of mobility, flexibility, balance and strength. In addition, they are demonstrated once again in detail on the accompanying DVD by the acclaimed experts Svenja Thoes and Andreas Dreitz. Since the massage roller increases the blood circulation of the musculature, it can also be employed ideally for warming up – and not just for the actual training.

What is special about the MEDISANA massage roller is the innovative depth vibration. Primarily, it stimulates the myofascial tissue – the deep musculature and its connecting tissue envelope – and boosts circulation. It is precisely in this tissue that, for example, overstrain or lopsided straining often results in painful hardening and tension. The MEDISANA PowerRoll helps to prevent tension, and to achieve fast muscle building and muscle regeneration.

The PowerRoll has four intensity levels, which can be operated using a button. This modern training product has a surface that supports the massaging action and is easy to clean hygienically. It is shipped with two integrated rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries and the relevant charger. A powerful fan ensures that the PowerRoll is quickly ready again for operation even after intensive use and the concomitant heating up of the motor.

The PowerRoll is now available, effective immediately, from specialist shops and at with a non-binding recommended price of 99.95 Euro.

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