The future of mobile health – VitaDock

Hilden. The new health monitoring devices of the VitaDock series are firstly introduced at the IFA 2010 in Berlin, featuring new health monitors for vital body signs and health values such as blood glucose, blood pressure, pulse and body temperature.

In connection with customized software applications or apps, the new measuring and monitoring devices facilitate the continuous recording of various vital parameters and historical progression over days, weeks, months and years and various analysis and classification functions, e.g. according to WHO (World Health Organization of UN).

The VitaDock health monitors are extremely powerful modules which can be attached (docked) to a Smart Phone (or PDA or Tablet PC, etc). Based on the various measurements they provide the readings to the corresponding software application. The software application or app automatically displays the measurement result and saves it continuously in a personal data base.

Thus important vital data and parameters are available anytime to be displayed, shared and communicated with the doctor, family members and friends, caregivers; in social networks or with individual interest groups.
The VitaDock monitors and measuring devices for iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G, 2G, iPad and iPod touch are planned to be launched in Germany and Europe by 1st quarter of 2011.

GlucoDock – Blood Glucose Meter
ThermoDock – Infrared Thermometer
CardioDock – Blood Pressure and Pulse Monitor
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