Energising daylight for all seasons: With the new daylight lamps from MEDISANA

Neuss, 06-10-2016. Daylight and sunlight are almost as important for the human body as air to breathe. We need brightness to be alert and feel fit. It elevates our mood, gives energy and has a positive influence on our well-being. Especially in the dark months, the new daylight lamps from MEDISANA can bring some brightness – and even counteract the so-called winter depression. Even using it for 30 minutes every day over a period of several days demonstrably brings about a better frame of mind. The most compact of the three new MEDISANA daylight lamps is the Daylight lamp LT 460. It is small and flat like a tablet and thanks to a variable base, it can be used horizontally as well as vertically. Thanks to its LED technology, it is able to provide a particularly uniform light distribution by means of 2 individually adjustable intensity levels. The Daylight lamp LT 470 is of medium size. It has a 45W lamp and with its luminous intensity of up to 10,000 lux, it is flicker-free and extremely silent. Its special feature: it can be used both standing and hanging. The LT 480 is the biggest of the MEDISANA daylight lamps. It has two 36W lamps, which guarantee the best possible supply of daylight with up to 10,000 lux. It is also flicker-free, especially silent and can be used standing or hanging. All three MEDISANA daylight lamps are certified medical products, which generate vitalising daylight at any time. By using them during the dark seasons of the year, the day can be artificially lengthened, counteracting against seasonal depression.

The MEDISANA Daylight Lamp LT 460 is available for a price of 79.95 Euro, non-binding recommended price, the Daylight Lamp LT 470 for 89.95 Euro, non-binding recommended price, and the Daylight Lamp 480 for 129.95 Euro, non-binding recommended price from specialist stores and at www.medisana.de .

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