Prevent coughs and sneezes with a healthy indoor climate: With MEDISANA air humidifiers

Neuss, 17.11.2016. The season of colds and flus usually coincides with the beginning of the winter months when we turn on the heating. The reason: Staying inside for a long time, often in rooms with overly dry air, is particularly harmful to our mucous membranes and can increase our susceptibility to infection and respiratory diseases. Tiredness and weakened concentration are another frequent consequence. MEDISANA air humidifiers can help to condition the air inside a room, and in doing so, they don’t just do something good for the respiratory system. Because a healthy living environment is the basis for our well-being and continued health. With MEDISANA’s humidifiers you can specifically prevent colds and sneezes and optimise overall well-being. Since people with allergies suffer primarily from the effects of bad air and dry heated air, it is particularly helpful to them if they can adjust the indoor climate to their individual needs and are able to determine the air humidity themselves quite easily.

The room climate can be completely adjusted to your personal needs with the MEDISANA air humidifier AH 660. The saturation of the room air with water can be micro-atomised and controlled quite naturally thanks to ultrasound technology. The intensity of the misting is infinitely adjustable. The AH 660 humidifier is energy-efficient, quiet and very easy to use. In addition, it has a practical water filter. The large 4.5 litre water container ensures optimal misting even in large rooms of up to 30 square metres. In this way the AH 660 humidifier noticeably improves the air quality in your home. The result: The mucous membranes are protected from drying out, eyes and airways are less irritated and breathing is easier. This means your general well-being is increased and colds and sneezes can be prevented.

The MEDISANA air humidifier AH 662 is recommended for all those who would like to both humidify and impart a pleasant fragrance to their living atmosphere at the same time. It too uses ultrasound technology to improve the air quality and in addition has an aroma compartment to insert scented oils. With this humidifier, the appropriate fragrant oils can be used as you like and depending on your personal mood. Furthermore, the AH 662 humidifier is similarly energy efficient and low on noise. The practical water level indicator lets you see at a glance when the humidifier needs to be refilled with fresh water again.

The MEDISANA humidifier AH 660 is available at a price of 79.95 Euro RRP and the humidifier AH 662 at 44.95 Euro RRP in specialist shops and at

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