Another award for VitaDock from Medisana®

MEDISANA ® wins its 2nd IT INNOVATION AWARD for Vitadock®

CardioCompactNeuss, Germany.VitaDock has been awarded the CeBIT e-health IT Innovation Prize for the second time in a row with the new cloud service, VitaDock Online. Following our first prize in 2012 for the VitaDock App, we have won the second prize for VitaDock Online this year. Ralf Lindner, MEDISANA AG´s CEO: "The fact that VitaDock has received another award shows that we are definitely heading in the right direction with mobile health".

The number of applications this year was record-breaking, with 4,900 applications received. Forty of these companies were able to win over the jury with their innovative submissions.

The coveted prize was awarded by Ms. Beate Heider, and Mr Rainer Kölmel, the Managing Director of Initiative Mittelstand, at the CeBIT. Initiative Mittelstand has been honouring high-value, small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) IT-solutions with the IT Innovation Prize since 2004 and has long been viewed in IT-circles as the seal of approval.

The VitaDock App is a medically-certified application that makes it possible to monitor your health using an iPhone®, iPod touch® or iPad® in conjunction with the accompanying VitaDock health measurement modules.

In addition, all vital signs can be saved, retrieved, evaluated and exported via the VitaDock® Online Portal developed by MEDISANA®. This means that blood pressure, blood gucose, weight and temperature data can be saved independent of the device and be viewed online as statistics and tables any time and anywhere.

There are four products in the innovative VitaDock ® series on the market: GlucoDock® – a blood glucose module that, thanks to its diary function, makes the tedious recording of measurements and insulin units a thing of the past for diabetics. ThermoDock® that transforms an iPhone® , iPad ® or iPod touch® into an infrared thermometer. CardioDock® that lets you monitor blood pressure and pulse simply, quickly and accurately. And TargetScale® – a body analysis scale with integrated target function that enables you to monitor a variety of weight measurements. The VitaDock® App is available free of charge in the Apple App Store.

MEDISANA AG is a publicly listed, SME company. As a manufacturer of technical health care products (home health care), a variety of our brands are available in 35 countries, with the European market being our strongest. Medisana is considered a pioneer in mobile health thanks to the smartphone-based VitaDock health measurement devices introduced in 2011.

About Initiative Mittelstand:
Initiative Mittelstand is a joint venture from industry experts, scientists, IT-experts and technical editors and dedicated to the competent and active support of medium-sized enterprises. With the platform and its media and active directory it provides a network for medium sized enterprises.

About IT-Innovation award:
The coveted IT-INNOVATION AWARD of Initiative Mittelstand promotes medium sized IT-innovations since 2004. The patrons of the award are IBM, the federal CIO Cornelia Rogall-Grothe, the Palatinate Economy Minister Eveline Lemke, the senator of commerce of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen Martin Günthner, Minister of Economic Affairs of Brandenburg Ralf Christoffers, the Schleswig Holstein’s minister of commerce Jost de Jager as well as Harry Glawe the Secretary of Commerce Mecklenburg Vorpommern.

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