Be fit for spring TargetScale

Be fit for spring and get closer to your desired weight – thanks to the body analysis scale TargetScale® with new Firmware 2.0 by MEDISANA®

CardioCompactNeuss. Spring is rapidly approaching. Are you still trying to reach your desired weight? Then it’s time to start actively managing your weight and start getting rid of that winter fat. The weight and body analysis scale TargetScale® with new Firmware Update 2.0 offers the ideal support for reaching your weight goal. With its target function your weight loss progress is apparent at first glance. This is because three light rings in the scale take care of visual monitoring: the closer the light ring is located to the center, the closer you are to your target weight. Yet precisely determining weight is not the only factor critical to human health: the weight and body analysis scale TargetScale® also tells you your Body Mass Index (BMI), your kcal requirement per day, as well as your proportion of body fat and water, plus your muscle and bone mass.

The weight and body analysis scale TargetScale® with new firmware is from now on available for 149.95 Euros (RRP) both in stores and online. Operation has now been made even easier for the user: Convenient initial setup of user data for the scale through the VitaDock® app, animated icons that lead you through the menu step by step, as well as up to 33 percent faster high-speed measurement. The new jumbo display shows larger digits for easy reading and there is a special eco-mode that extends battery life.

The weight and body analysis scale TargetScale® – the repeated winner of awards last year – now provides users with even more convenience. And the best part is that even consumers who already have a TargetScale® don’t have to do without the new features. This is because all devices can be easily updated with the new software for free through the VitaDock® app. A request to update to Firmware 2.0 will automatically appear in the app for this purpose.

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