Functional Fascial Fitness with the SolidRoll from MEDISANA

Neuss, 02-03-2016. Fascial Fitness is the name of the new trend, a health movement between sport and prevention. And more and more Germans also seem to be rolling their way to more fitness and health. MEDISANA offers the massage roll SolidRoll, the perfect model for beginners. The SolidRoll serves to activate and regenerate the musculature and can also be used for strength and stability exercises. Moreover, it helps to prevent hardening and with its serrated surface structure, it supports the pressure massage action through the body’s own weight.

Primarily, this massage stimulates the myofascial tissue – the musculature and its connecting tissue envelope – and boosts circulation. It is precisely in this tissue that, for example, overstrain or lopsided straining often results in painful hardening and tension. Through functional fascial training, the MEDISANA SolidRoll helps to prevent tension, to achieve fast muscle regeneration and to support muscle building.

The use of SolidRoll can be started immediately by following a clear training plan. Four programs support the warm-up, the muscle-building and the regeneration processes. The exercises are aimed at the aspects of mobility, flexibility, balance and strength. Since the massage roll increases the blood circulation of the musculature, it can also be employed ideally for warming up – and not just for the actual training.

The SolidRoll massage roll is now available from specialist shops and at for a non-binding recommended price of 39.95 Euro.

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