Well-groomed through spring and summer with the manicure set MP 820 from MEDISANA

Neuss. Spring is here! Gloves, thick boots and socks are long forgotten. Our hands and feet want to be liberated into the fresh air and look their best when doing so: with well cared-for nails and well-groomed skin. This look can be easily achieved by using the manicure and pedicure device MP 820 from MEDISANA, the Neuss-based specialists for Home Health Care.

Thanks to the functional operating comfort, high-quality sapphire abrasive wheel and the two LED lamps of the manicure and pedicure set, nail care becomes safe, precise and reliable. The MP 820 can be used at home and on the road, since it can optionally be run from the mains or from a battery. With its easy handling, it is the ideal solution for cutting and shaping nails even for beginners. The MP 820 removes cuticles without any trouble and is even capable of treating light calluses. The set includes three attachments of sapphire and a felt polishing cone, which are all conceived for the different applications.
The manicure set from MEDISANA works gently and reliably with a continuously variable rotational speed of up to 11,000 revolutions per minute – this is possible either clockwise or anti-clockwise as desired. If too much pressure is applied while filing, the MP 820 stops automatically. It is therefore also suitable for diabetics who have lost their sense of pain and therefore would not immediately notice injuries to the skin or the nail bed caused by filing with excessive pressure.
The manicure and pedicure device MP 820 from MEDISANA is available for 69.95 Euro (non-binding recommended price) in retail shops or at www.medisana.de.

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