Half-time on “Mars” – Return flight takes off soon

Neuss, 28.02.2011 – Mars500 is a unique project weighing in at some ten million euro or more that aims to simulate a manned flight to Mars in real time. After an outward journey lasting 250 days in their hermetically sealed space capsule, the six-man crew arrived “on Mars” on February 14, 2011.

The crew are looking forward eagerly to the change of routine during their 30-day stay on Mars. In a symbolic act that is nevertheless essential even on an artificial planet, the men will plant their national flags in the soil. Crew members will be permitted to spend several days exploring the virtual surface in their space suits in order to simulate a stay on Mars. The program includes expeditions in the “Mars-mobile”, as well as collecting soil samples.

The conditions on the Mars mission are highly demanding: With no daylight and no chance to snatch even a breath of fresh air, the crew must endure a total of 520 days, most of which are spent in close confinement. They shower only once every ten days, food is strictly rationed, and they themselves are responsible for treating sickness and injuries. Communications with their base, the only interface to the outside world, are possible only with a time delay.

The European Space Agency (ESA) and the Russian Institute of Medical & Biological Problems (IMBP) aim to use the Mars500 experiment to find out whether physical and mental health can be securely maintained under these extreme conditions.

MEDISANA is an official program partner and is supporting the Mars500 team with health control, therapy and personal care products. In fact, MEDISANA took part in the preliminary 105-day simulation experiment and made a convincing impression on the chief medical officer, Dr. Alexander Suvorov: “During the experiment MEDISANA proved itself as a reliable medical partner.” The high-endurance MEDISANA products deliver dependable results and fully meet the scientific requirements of the experiment.

MEDISANA wishes the crew continued success and a good “return flight”.
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