Always on target: with the MIO Link heart rate watch from MEDISANA

Neuss, Germany. The innovative heart rate watch, MIO Link, is now available: it is light, thin and helps you train effectively. The latest fitness product from MEDISANA, one of the leading specialists in health care, measures your pulse directly at the wrist – precise, straightforward and without annoying chest straps. You are able to transfer data live to an iPhone and Android devices using Bluetooth Smart (4.0) or ANT+.

MIO Link works with the same award-winning technology as the heart rate watch MIO Alpha, technology developed in collaboration with Philips Electronics Technologies Research. Two LED sensors and an electro-optical lens measure the blood flow in the capillaries. Complex algorithms use the pulse´s signal to calculate the actual heart rate, regardless of whether you are walking or sprinting. In comparison to leading heart rate monitor systems with chest straps, MIO Link achieves up to 97% ECG accuracy.

As effective training should always be adjusted to the correct heart rate, MIO Link is your ideal “Personal Trainer” when exercising. MIO Link helps you optimise your workout individually while keeping your health in mind. You are able to set the normal range for your pulse and exercise within the entered heart rate range. A visual signal lets you know if your pulse is outside this range. Whether a competitive athlete or an amateur athlete training for a marathon, for example, you are on the safe side with such a helpful exercise partner.

The heart rate ranges in your MIO Link can be configured by combining it with the new MIO Go Mobile App, a training app like no other. What you experience when training is intensive as training results are not just simply being recorded. This easy-to-use training solution lets its users experience a fascinating interactive virtual training: you can also take your MIO Go outside with you and record your route using the positional tracking option. The app also includes a wide range of statistics. MIO turns pulse-based training into a real experience.
The ANT+ or Bluetooth® Smart 4.0 technology integrated into the MIO Link enables you to connect to not only MIO Go, but also to other types of sports equipment such as treadmills and cross-trainers or fitness apps such as Runtastic, Strava, adidas miCoach, etc.

MIO Link is made of pliable silicone, is charged using a USB cradle and is available in two sizes (M = 121-175 mm, L = 149-208 mm) for the differently sized wrists as well as the colours “arctic” (grey-white) and “slate” (black) from specialist stores and at for €99.95 (RRP).

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