Mars experiment in Moscow successfully completed

Mars experiment in Moscow successfully completedMedisana congratulates on site and is getting ready for the 520-day experiment.

Moscow, 14th July 2009
The MARS-500 programme started 105 days ago, simulating a manned space flight on the premises of the Institute of Biomedical Problems (IMBP) in Moscow. The first part of the experiment finished today and the 6 members of the team who conducted the experiment were permitted to leave the spacecraft’s air-tight module for the first time in 105 days.

Since the 1960´s, long-term outer space experiments have been conducted on the grounds of the institute. The aims of the flight simulation to the red planet was to gain knowledge into the psychological and health aspects associated with long space missions and to master simulated emergencies. The experiment helps prepare for the real-time simulation over 520 days that should be starting at the start of next year at the IMPB.

The experiment is also a success for MEDISANA: Each participant used MEDISANA products several times each day to monitor and measure bodily functions (blood pressure, fever, weight, etc.). The massage and pain therapy products helped to relax the team. The experiment’s head physician, Dr. Alexander Suvorov, handed over the evaluation questionnaires for our products: “MEDISANA has proven itself to be a reliable medical partner during the experiment. The devices stood out with their precise measurements, easy-to-understand manuals, and simple operation. We are looking forward to having MEDISANA on board again for the next isolation experiment over 520 days.”Download PDF (88KB)