Mars experiment in Moscow enters the second round

Mars experiment in Moscow enters the second round

The real-time simulated flight to Mars begins.

Hilden, 2nd June 2010. Following the successful completion of the 105-day experiment in July 2009, the second simulated space flight to Mars is starting on the 3rd June 2010 on the premises of the Institute of Biomedical Problems (IMBP) in Moscow. And MEDISANA is participating in the experiment again.

A real, complete flight to Mars takes 520 days. The 6 members of the crew, Sukhrob Kamolov (Russia), Romain Charles (France), Diego Urbina (Italy), Wang Yue (China), Crew Commander Alexey Sitev (Russia) and Alexandr Smoleevskiy (Russia), will now also spend 520 days in a hermetically sealed spacecraft.

The conditions are not easy: there are no showers, no internet and no mobile phones. It is only possible to speak with ground control with a time delay of 40 minutes.

But it is exciting. A total of over 100 scientific experiments will be carried out on board. The astronauts can also cultivate fruit and vegetables in the capsule’s inbuilt greenhouse or play a game of chess with the famous Russian chess grandmaster Anatoliy Karpov.

MEDISANA is supporting the team over this period with health control, therapy and personal care products. It is important that the devices can be used continuously over a long period of time and deliver reliable results. The Medisana products already fulfilled these criteria extremely well in the first section of the experiment.

The head physician of the experiment, Dr. Alexander Suvorov, is responsible for the health of the crew and, together with Russian physicians and Medisana engineers, had already selected the study products at the first flight. Dr. Suvorov and the team are pleased to have MEDISANA on board again for this long-duration isolation experiment.

The Medisana product portfolio has been expanded and the following devices are on board:

  • Blood pressure monitors MTP Plus, MTD, MTX
  • Thermometer FTD
  • Ear thermometer FTO
  • Contact-free thermometer FTN
  • Anti-allergy device Medinose PLUS
  • Massagers ITM and SKM
  • Infrared lamp IRL
  • Light alarm clock SAC
  • Back pain therapy device TBD
  • Personal scales PSW and PSM
  • TENS pain therapy device Medistim

The media has also already reported on MARS-500. ZDF, a German television channel, has made the two documentaries “Mission Mars” available for viewing on its website today. The films will be broadcasted on ZDF in the evening from the 3rd to the 4th June at 12:35am and 1:20am. Further information can be found here.

MEDISANA wishes the crew all the best for the experiment.

Mars-500 is an experiment carried out by the Russian Space Agency Roskosmos and the European Space Agency ESA. The project simulates a manned flight to Mars with six volunteers being sealed inside a chamber for 520 days. The set tasks and daily structure have been selected to imitate a return flight to Mars as well as possible. In the current stage of the experiment a landing, walk and stay on Mars will also be simulated. Medisana is an official partner of the MARS-500 program.

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