Mars500: Return from Mars is expected soon

Neuss. After 520 days in „outer space" the Mars500 experiment is coming to its end on 4th November. Mars500 is a unique project weighing in at some ten million euro or more that aims to simulate a manned flight to Mars in real time conducted by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Russian Institute of Medical & Biological Problems (IMBP). No previously simulated long-duration flight was carried out as long and realistic as the now expiring Mars500 mission.

The aim of the experiment is to investigate whether the physical and psychological health of astronauts can be guaranteed under these extreme conditions. Because the conditions are highly demanding: with no daylight the 6 participants must endure in a confined space hermetically isolated from the outside world. The food is strictly rationed, they shower only once every ten days and communications with their base, the only interface to the outside world, are possible only with a time delay.

After one and a half years the hatch of the tubular container, in which the crew has completed the experiment, will finally be opened on the 4th November. An international press conference will take place on 8th November in Moscow. But by now the mission is held a success.

As official program partner MEDISANA supports the Mars500 team with health control and therapy products. It is important that the devices can be used continuously over a long period of time and deliver reliable results. In fact, MEDISANA took part in the preliminary 105-day simulation experiment and made a convincing impression on the chief medical officer, Dr. Alexander Suvorov: "During the experiment MEDISANA proved itself as a reliable medical partner." The high-endurance MEDISANA products deliver dependable results and fully meet the scientific requirements of the experiment.

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