MEDISANA expands its range of mobile health care products

Neuss (Germany), 4th September 2015. MEDISANA, the leading specialist in the home health care market, is presenting the new health products in its Connect product range at the International Consumer Electronics Fair (IFA) in Berlin. The new sleep monitor Sleepace and the new infrared multifunctional thermometer TM 750 connect will be placed in the spotlight.

The innovative “Connect” products reliably assist users in managing their individual health and fitness. Users can keep track of their personal health and vital data anytime, anywhere: all of the measured data can be transferred to the VitaDock+ app for iOs or Android devices via Bluetooth® Smart (4.0). Whether addressing physical activity, blood pressure values or body weight, VitaDock+ offers a wide variety of features such as daily activity diagrams or a 14-day overview of blood pressure. The magazine “connect”, Europe’s largest magazine for telecommunications, has awarded the application developed by MEDISANA as the App of the Year in the category “Health & Fitness”.

The new sleep monitor Sleepace measures and analyses our sleeping habits, including the depth and duration of sleep, heart rate, respiration rate and movements made during sleep. It also shows how often users leave their bed during their sleep period. Thanks to the data transmission via Bluetooth Smart, measurements can be easily transferred to the smartphone app, stored and displayed as easy-to-read daily, weekly or monthly views. As the collected data is also stored within the sleep monitor, the app does not need to be connected via Bluetooth at all times. Data is automatically transferred to the app as soon a Bluetooth connection is active. The sleep monitor Sleepace operates without any cables whatsoever, using an ultra-thin, 1.5 millimetre-thin piezoelectric band for a comfortable fit between the mattress and sheets. The product is operated using rechargeable batteries with a long battery life, only needing to be recharged approximately every four weeks. Sleepace is suitable for people who are always tired, have a restless sleep, wake up in the morning not feeling rested or snore. The sleep monitor helps you identify whether you moved a lot in your sleep, how frequently you got up, how long the recuperative REM sleep phase was and much more. These insights are essential prerequisites for optimising healthy sleep.

The sleep monitor Sleepace is available for €199.95 RRP in specialist stores and at as of the 4th quarter in 2015.

A new category has been added to the Connect product range with the introduction of the new infrared multifunctional thermometer TM 750 connect to the market.  The infrared multifunctional thermometer TM 750 connect accurately measures body temperature on the forehead and in the ear within seconds. An additional function lets the thermometer also measure ambient temperature and equips it with a visual fever alarm demonstrated by changing colours: green is for temperatures in the normal range, red for raised temperatures. Thanks to Bluetooth Smart data transfer, readings can be transmitted to the VitaDock+ app and then be saved at VitaDock Online, valuated and shared. In this way, temperature can also be monitored over a period of time alongside blood pressure, weight, activity, blood glucose and blood oxygen.

The infrared multifunctional thermometer TM 750 connect is available for €79.95 RRP in specialist stores and at as of the 1st quarter in 2016.

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