Medisana mobilises as supporter of the “Anstifter” charity project

Medisana mobilises as supporter of the “Anstifter” charity projectWe are supporting the “Open Sports Hall” project in Hamburg-Eilbeck as part of the “Anstiften! 50 Impulses for Hamburg” initiative.

Hilden, Germany, 9th June 2009
In 2009, the Körber Foundation is turning 50 and its founder, Kurt A. Körber, would be turning 100 if he were still alive. The Körber Foundation is taking advantage of this double jubilee to assist Hamburg citizens in helping fellow residents. With “Anstiften!” (“Mobilise!”), a competition beneficial to the general public has been created, where institutions and organisations can let their creative ideas flow – whether kindergartens or theatre groups, senior citizen clubs or district initiatives, schools or houses of artists. This amount has been doubled by partners from the Hamburg business sector for whom civic involvement is of equal importance, resulting in a total of 50 projects in Hamburg being supported with Euro 10,000 each.

We support the “Anstifter” project as we are convinced that, particularly in challenging economic times, it is especially important that businesses also demonstrate social responsibility.
We believe in the principle “helping people to help themselves” and have found an ideal scheme to put this into practice with the “Anstiften! 50 impulses for Hamburg” action.

The jury has now selected 67 of the most promising, innovative, and creative projects from over 1000 applicants. “Our” project is the “Open Sports Hall” in Hamburg-Eilbeck, where children from socially disadvantaged families have the opportunity to participate in the sports on offer free of charge. We also hope that we will be able form a lasting partnership beyond the competition by including it in our own initiative.

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*Project Description*

Open Sports Hall for Everyone
Turnerbund (Sports Club) Hamburg Eilbeck e.V.

The current economic situation is once again affecting socially disadvantaged families first, and their children in particular. We have unfortunately noticed this increasingly in the previous few months with the cancellation of club memberships due to financial reasons.
We have been participating in the “Kids in die Clubs” (“Kids in the Clubs”) project since 2006 to particularly offer children from socially disadvantaged families sensible leisure activities and currently provide 139 children with free membership to the TH-Eilbeck (Sports Club Hamburg-Eilbeck). In addition, an enormous subsidy from the district authority has allowed us to offer our children school holiday pass for Euro 10 for the very first time in the 2009 autumn school holidays. The 50 school holiday passes include trips to the swimming pool, the ice-skating rink, the Altonaer Museum, the Museum for Communication, and the Hagenbeck Zoo, as well as the collective return journey with public transport. Based on this attractive price, we hope to appeal to children from all districts this year.

With the support of your project, we could make another dream come true that felt almost unfeasible up until now: We would like to open the club’s own hall in Ritterstraße 9 for children on the weekend in the winter half of the year and offer a range of sports free of charge. Especially in the dark time of year, it strikes us as desirable to be able to provide all children with sensible leisure activities under supervision. Unfortunately, we have been unable to implement this idea up until now due to financial reasons. However, with the support of “Anstiften” we could not only start on the “Open Sports Hall for Everyone” project, but could also easily maintain it over the entire winter. Based on one successful project, it is then possible that a continual scheme may result that is worthy of sponsorship past 2010.Download PDF (128KB)