Medisana is the official partner of the MARS 500 programmeMedisana is the official partner of the MARS 500 programme

Medisana is the official partner of the MARS 500 programmeOn 31.03.2009 the MARS 500 programme was launched, simulating manned space-flight in Moscow.

Hilden, 14. April 2009
On 31.03.2009 the MARS 500 programme was launched, a project that simulates manned spaceflight within the grounds of the Institute of Medical and Biological Problems (IMBP) in Moscow. The experiment itself will last 105 days. After the results have been evaluated, the simulation will be extended for a further 500 days – the time needed for a flight to and from the red planet. The aim of the experiments is to prepare for a flight to Mars in terms of physical health, psychological and environmental issues. The international crew of six highly trained men (including one German: Oliver Knickel from Hamburg) will face, in simulation, all the challenges of a flight to Mars.

Medisana is the official partner of the MARS 500 programme, and its medical products have been chosen for use in the experiment.
The criteria for selecting the products were formulated by the scientific and medical support team and the crew physician, Dr Suvorov (IMBP research institute).
The requirements of reliability and quality are rigorous: the devices will be used several times daily by each “cosmonaut” and the results (blood pressure, body temperature etc.) will be transmitted to “Earth”. There will be no possibility of changing the devices before the isolation period has completely elapsed. All the Medisana devices passed the rigorous testing procedures and have been set up in the medical module of the container spaceship.
The devices include blood pressure monitors, TENS pain therapy devices, infrared lamps, and massagers.

“It is an honour for us to be able to take part in this project. This is a unique situation, in which the products will be used in a hermetically sealed room, and the users will not be able to leave the room for 105 days. In all the 25 years of our existence even the most meticulous product testers and customers have not put our devices through their paces like this. We are looking forward to the results of the project, and wish the mission all good health and every success!” explained Ralf Lindner, CEO of Medisana AG in a brief statement.
Continuous exploration of new ideas and development of innovative products are at the heart of Medisana product development. In cooperation with the Russian team of doctors and researchers in Moscow more than 50 Medisana devices have been selected for use in the Mars 500 study:

• Blood pressure monitors MTP Plus and MTD
• Thermometer FTD
• Allergy device Medinose PLUS
• Massagers ITM and SKM
• Infrared lamp IRL
• Light alarm clock SAC
• Back pain therapy device TBD
• Scales PSB
• TENS pain therapy device Medistim

(The crew physician rated the blood pressure monitor MTP Plus “excellent”.)

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