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Neuss, Germany. Today is World Health Day – and our health is justifiably the focus of attention. Good health is a valuable asset. The ever-growing desire for personal health control and prevention demonstrates that every individual is trying to stay healthy. But how can individual health control meet the demands of modern people and their daily networked life? MEDISANA has the answer to this question with their innovative products for mobile health management. The leading specialist in the home health care market is introducing a large number of new models in 2014 that additionally take into account the major trend of “wearable technologies”.
These devices, developed in collaboration with medical experts, let customers measure their vital signs and transfer the results directly to smartphones and tablets via the built-in Bluetooth Smart Technology for further evaluation. MEDISANA makes it possible for its customers to keep an eye on their personal health and vital data anytime, anywhere.

MEDISANA AG is introducing two body analysis scales and three blood pressure monitors to the market mid-April.
The MEDISANA body analysis scales BS 430 Connect and BS 440 possess functions to measure weight, body fat, water in the body, muscle and bone mass. The scales calculate the Body Mass Index, have an integrated calorie needs analysis and are able to automatically recognise up to eight different users on the scales. The results are perfect to read on the LCD screen with white luminous numbers on bright blue background lighting. The model BS 440 Connect has an additional design highlight: vapour-deposited ITO electrodes that are almost impossible to see or feel.

The new MEDISANA blood pressure monitors, with their Bluetooth Smart Technology, are likewise technically advanced. Their special feature is the innovative inflating measurement technology that delivers results even faster than conventional blood pressure monitors. The certified medical devices have either 180 memory slots for two users each or 2 x 500 memory slots, in the case of the BU 550 Connect. A heart symbol informs users when an arrhythmia has been detected during measurement. The measurement results are easy to read thanks to the large numbers on the display.
The BW 300 Connect is a device that can be used for precise blood pressure measurements at the wrist. The BU 550 Connect and BU 575 Connect models, on the other hand, are blood pressure monitors for the upper arm. The BU 575 Connect has an added extra: an integrated travel alarm with an alarm function that reminds users when they need to measure their blood pressure again.

The “Connect” in the model name stands for the integrated Bluetooth Smart Technology. It enables users to transfer all of the calculated data to the new, free app “Vita Doc+” already available in the Google Play Store (Android) and the Apple Store (IOS). These vital signs can be saved separately to the device at VitaDock ® Online, a free online portal developed by MEDISANA AG, and be comfortably viewed as statistics and tables, be exported and be synchronised with other smartphones or tablets. Both the app and the online portal are compatible with further MEDISANA AG devices, making them versatile to use.
For those interested in the data handling with VitaDock, please see for more information.

Background on the World Health Day: Every year on the 7th April, the World Health Organization (WHO) commemorates its founding in 1948 with the World Health Day. The WHO additionally selects a new health issue of global relevance for the World Health Day year after year. The aim of this is to raise the world´s awareness of the most important health problems according to the WHO.

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