MEDISANA presents the award-winning heart rate watch MIO Alpha – now also available in fashionable purple

Neuss, Germany. Latest technology is now part of heart rate monitoring thanks to the MIO Alpha – the world’s first heart rate watch that functions without a chest strap and finger sensor while still measuring the heart rate accurately. Two LED sensors and an electro-optical lens measure the blood flow in the capillaries. The actual heart rate is calculated using complex algorithms based on the pulse´s signal. MEDISANA´s personal and award-winning training manager has been accompanying an increasing number of women and men while jogging, walking or cycling ever since.

The current heart rate, exercise duration and time can be read on the display of the intuitive-to-use heart rate watch.
The “MIO Alpha” can be connected to compatible Android and Apple iOS devices via Bluetooth® Smart (4.0) technology to use additional functions such as the measurement of speed, pace, training distance and GPS. Numerous fitness apps, such as Runtastic, Strava, adidas miCoach etc. can be connected to, with the MIO Go Mobile App now leading the field, a fitness app like no other. The MIO Go Mobile App provides an intensive training experience as training results are not just simply recorded. Users get to experience a fascinating interactive virtual training with this easy-to-use training solution: MIO Go turns pulse-based training into a real experience.

The MIO Alpha has a soft wristband made of silicon, is charged via a USB cradle and is available in the colours black, white and now also in purple from specialist stores and at for €169.95 (RRP).

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