MEDISANA presents its range of mobile healthcare devices

MEDISANA präsentiert Mobile Health Care SortimentHealth monitoring devices of the latest generation under one umbrella brandiHealth and VitaDock® are the highlights of this year’s IFA

Unique stand concept for IFA offers optimum presentation opportunities

MEDISANA will surprise visitors with a special stand concept at this year’s IFA. On 100 square metres of exhibition space, the company draws its customers into a MEDISANA world with classic health products, an inviting wellness oasis and product innovations for mobile healthcare. The extraordinary location in an exhibitor tent in the passage between halls 3.1 and 5.1 invites the visitors to playful browsing and testing in a showroom atmosphere. The placement of the stand amidst the crowded exhibition halls offers an ideal setting for eye-catching and product-oriented presentation and testing opportunities.

With its two new product lines, MEDISANA offers consumers a wide range of innovative healthcare products for mobile applications. Being one of the leading providers in the healthcare industry also allows the company to position itself in the mobile healthcare market and to smoothen the way from classical health control to an holistic mobile health management. Both product lines build on the combination of traditional health control, innovative technology and modern lifestyle with the aim of enhancing the quality of life of the user.

Health monitoring devices of the latest generation under one umbrella brand
As one of the first providers in the healthcare industry, MEDISANA has responded to the changing customer needs and circumstances in the healthcare market and set up a new product group under the umbrella MEDISANA Mobile Health where the consumer can find classical health monitoring devices such as blood pressure monitors or body analysis scales coupled with an iPhone®, iPod touch® or iPad®.
Back in April, MEDISANA launched with iHealth the first blood pressure monitoring system for iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad®. Now, for IFA, MEDISANA presents another innovation – iHealth Sensor ScaleTM, a body analysis scale with secure Bluetooth connection that allows data transfer to the iOS device without internet and additional cables. For all products of the iHealth series, there are separate apps available for free download at Apple’s App Store.

VitaDock® app – an app for holistic health management

With its VitaDock® product series, MEDISANA takes another decisive step in the direction of "mobile healthcare management". The special feature: VitaDock® comprises health monitoring devices that, in combination with one central app, allow the measurement, storage, evaluation, monitoring and transfer of the main vital parameters. VitaDock® pursues, therefore, an holistic approach to health control and aims for an active self-management of health. It allows iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad®, in combination with the freely available VitaDock® app, to become mobile health managers.
This summer, three products of the VitaDock® series were launched on the market at the same time:
The CardioDock® blood pressure measuring module with the patented 3MAM technology for 129.99 €, the ThermoDock® infrared thermometer module, with a special "live mode" for measurement of surfaces and liquids, priced at 79.99 €, and the GlucoDock® blood glucose measuring module for 99,99 €, that ensures an optimised diabetes management with its diary and comment functions and the comprehensive evaluation and display options of the VitaDock® app.
In addition to the existing VitaDock® monitoring modules, MEDISANA continues to expand its product range and is set to present another innovative product at IFA: the body analysis scale TargetScale® is equipped with a target function allowing the user to see at first glance the difference between the actual weight and the target weight – as output on the display and visually in the form of flashing LED circles. This feature of TargetScale® supports the user in achieving the target weight. The scale will be commercially available at a price of 149.99 € by the end of Q3.

With strong partners to innovative productsWith their VitaDock® series, MEDISANA presents at IFA its first own product developments. For the development of new monitoring devices a new software subsidiary was established and the company cooperates with designers, developers and IT specialists from Japan, USA and Europe.

MEDISANA has been working in the areas of health, therapy and personal care for nearly 30 years. MEDISANA was one of the first companies to recognise the enormous potential of the home healthcare market and focused since 1982 on the development, production and marketing of premium healthcare products for home usage. Intensive quality control is designed to meet the high expectations and maintain the trust of the customers in the performance and reliability of all MEDISANA products. With the development of healthcare products for the mobile healthcare market, MEDISANA proves once again its flair for pioneering healthcare monitoring devices that integrate seamlessly with everyday life of the users and thus enhance their quality of life.

The MEDISANA product range covers three core areas:
Health control: With innovative blood glucose and blood pressure monitoring devices, precise electronic fever thermometers and well-designed personal scales, MEDISANA presents a selected product range for individual health control at home and for mobile use.
Home therapy: Soft heat products, humidifiers and massage products support self-therapy and relaxation. The versatile MEDISANA home therapy range is complemented by further products from the Home of Wellness line and the areas of inhalation and pain therapy.
Personal care: In the area of personal care, MEDISANA specialises in the development and marketing of hand and foot care products and hair removal products. Design strength and high quality standards enhance the well-being and ensure neat and nice appearance.

MEDISANA participates in IFA 2011. For more information and innovative new products, visit MEDISANA in hall 3.1, booth 102.

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