MEDISANA launches new massage range

MEDISANA launches new massage range
HD 3D- Technology for a new massage experience

Hilden. Ease stress and tension and boost the blood circulation comfortably at home. MEDISANA, one of the leading specialists in home-health-care, offers consumers even more comfort at home with its new massage range. The range consists of more than 20 products, which will be available late 2010. From massage seat covers to air massagers, neck massagers, hand- and foot- massagers up to massage chairs for office and home: Massage treatments at home without limits. The special feature: Some products are equipped with a 3D-Massage-function which is unique in the branch. With this innovation MEDISANA once more proves its power of innovation in the home-health-care market.

*3D an unique innovation*
Three-dimensional rotating massage-heads are the special feature within the new product line. Many of the new massage products are equipped with this feature. The massage balls are able to move in three directions (3D) – not only rolling up and down the back, but also from left to right and from back to the front. This ensures an especially intensive and comfortable relaxation and depth massage.
All products give a massage in High-Definition and therefore a wholly targeted massage for that part of the body.

*New concept for packaging and logo in fresh colouring/ New claim formulates a clear position/ Attracting attention at POS*
In addition to the product innovations in the massage segment MEDISANA created a new design for their packaging concepts and logo. The new slogan “MEDISANA-HOME OF WELLNESS” for this product range is presented in the logo colours grey and orange, which also emphasizes the modern and fresh appearance. Visually appealing packagings with emotional product- and visual language reflect adequately the health- and warmth aspects of this range.

To promote the new range also very attracting at the POS, MEDISANA sets advertisements directly attached to the massage seat cover, which invite consumers to test the products.

*New massage range in fashion*
With the new MEDISANA massage products it will be even more comfortable, enjoying a massage at home. From head to toe, from the loosening of individual muscle groups to the boost of the blood circulation, everything up to acupressure is possible. “We are looking forward to extend an important segment with the new products and respond to a changing demand in the wellness segment for use at home”, says Ralf Lindner, CEO of the MEDISANA AG.

MEDISANA has been active in the segments healthcare, home therapy and beauty for more than 28 years. MEDISANA was one of the first companies that actually recognized the tremendous potential in the home-health-care market and is focussing on development, production and marketing of premium home-healthcare products since 1982. Intensive quality controls meet the high demands and trust of our customers in the service and reliability of all MEDISANA products.

*The MEDISANA covers three core areas:*
*Health control:* With innovative glucose- and blood pressure monitors, precise electronic fever thermometers and design personal scales, MEDISANA presents a selected product range for the individual health control at home.

*Therapy at home:* soft heat products, humidifier and massage products support therapy at home and relaxing. The versatile MEDISANA home therapy range is complemented by more products from the areas inhalation, pain therapy and wellness.

*Personal care:* In the product range personal care MEDISANA has specialized in the development and marketing of hand and foot care products, and hair removal (depilation). Design and high quality standards embrace personal beauty and well-being.

MEDISANA attends the IFA 2010. For further information and innovative product launches visit MEDISANA at booth 201, hall 3.1.

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