MEDISANA sets the standards in the area of “Mobile Health” – and not just for the World Health Day

Neuss (Germany), 7th April 2015. Today is World Health Day. A day when we become more aware of the importance our own health. The World Health Day was launched in 1948 by the World Health Organization (WHO) to place the topic of health in the international spotlight. MEDISANA, the leading specialist in the home health care market, would also like to emphasise the importance of health on this campaign day. MEDISANA has constantly been setting new standards ever since its founding more than 30 years ago. The company is the market leader in the area of “Mobile Health” in particular. In an increasingly networked world, networked products and innovative services are needed. It is especially in the area of personal health checks that these products and services guarantee a plus for mobility, flexibility, independence and safety. As a pioneer in mobile health, MEDISANA presents the “connect” series: intelligent products forming an interface between medicine and modern lifestyle.

The innovative “connect” products are reliable assistants in the management of individual health and fitness. They allow consumers to keep an eye on their personal health and vital data anytime, anywhere: all vital data measured can be transferred to the VitaDock+ app for iOs or Android devices via Bluetooth® Smart (4.0). Whether addressing physical activity, blood pressure values or body weight: VitaDock+ offers a wide variety of features such as daily activity diagrams or a 14-day overview of blood pressure. The magazine “connect”, Europe’s largest magazine for telecommunications, has awarded the application developed by MEDISANA as the App of the Year in the category “Health & Fitness”.

The vital data measured can be saved separate to the device at VitaDock Online, a free online portal developed by MEDISANA, and comfortably viewed as statistics and tables as well as exported and synchronised with other smartphones or tablets.

The range of Bluetooth-enabled “connect” products is broad. It includes the body analysis scales BS 430 connect and BS 440 connect that measure weight, body fat, body water, muscle and bone mass. Also on the list are three blood pressure monitors: BU 550 connect, BU 575 connect and BW 300 connect. Their special feature is the innovative inflating measurement technology that delivers results faster than conventional blood pressure monitors. Each model has its own advantages: the BW 300 connect, for example, is a very light blood pressure monitor with a comfortable slim-line format that takes precise blood pressure measurements at the wrist. The compact upper arm blood pressure monitors BU 550 connect and BU 575 connect show the measured values such as systolic pressure, diastolic pressure and pulse rate, date and time, on an easy-to-read XL-display.

Another successful product in the connect series is the ViFit connect Activity Tracker. The highly sensitive 3D-motion sensor counts every movement. It can placed in a pocket or worn at the wrist with a wrist strap and records the number of steps taken, calorie consumption, distance covered, the total amount of time moved and the percentage of the day´s target reached. Once the sleep mode has been activated, it can also measure the duration and quality of sleep. ViFit connect thus enables users to check sleep quality and duration in addition to personal activity and provides a digital overview of the ratio between parameters such as number of steps taken and the day´s target. The magazine “connect”, amongst others, has been won over. In its June 2014 issue, it awarded the Activity Tracker ViFit connect the rating “very good” in the product test. The ViFit Motion Sensor transmits the measured data to VitaDock Online via a USB interface and not via Bluetooth, as is the case with the ViFit connect. With its purchase price of €55, the ViFit has even been awarded the “connect Price Tip”.

The latest connect product is the MEDISANA Pulse Oximeter PM 150. It provides information on blood oxygen saturation levels and heart rate by measuring these important vital signs using a simple approach: measurement starts as soon as the oximeter is placed on a finger. This method enables pulse oximetry to be conducted without puncturing a blood vessel – and is thus pain-free for the patient. This innovation from MEDISANA lets users keep an eye on their arterial oxygen saturation levels and heart rate perfectly. With its simple “one touch” operation,  the PM 150 is ideal to use when away from home.

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