MEDISANA on today’s World Asthma Day: Inhalation can ease the symptoms of asthma

Neuss (Germany), 5th May 2015. Coughing fits, shortness of breath and then the dreaded asthma attacks. Anyone suffering from asthma knows what this means and how much it can restrict normal everyday life. Today´s World Asthma Day aims to provide the general public with information on asthma. The World Asthma Day was established in 1998 by the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) due the increase in asthma sufferers worldwide. To mark the World Asthma Day, MEDISANA, the leading specialist in the home health care market, would like to present two inhalers that provide relief from asthma symptoms: the inhaler USC for use when travelling and the large IN 550 Pro for use at home.

The inhaler IN 550 Pro from MEDISANA targets the treatment of diseases in the upper and lower respiratory tracts, such as colds or asthma. Inhalation treatment using aerosols can help to alleviate respiratory problems. In aerosol therapy, medication is converted into a fine spray (nebulised) and then inhaled. The major advantage of this form of treatment is that medication is quickly administered directly to the site where it is supposed to act, namely the mouth-nose-throat area and down into the lungs. The inhaler IN 550 Pro uses modern compressed air technology to nebulise active substances. It is particularly effective as it produces the finest spray possible and a high proportion of aerosols that reach the lungs. The comprehensive range of accessories enables consumers to inhale with a mask, mouthpiece or nose adapter, making the inhaler ideal for children as well.

The ultrasound inhaler USC is especially ideal for use when travelling. It is small, easy to handle and light. It can thus be easily stowed in luggage. This inhaler is highly effective due to the innovative micro-membrane-nebulisation (mesh technology) forming the smallest of droplets. Just as with the IN 550 Pro, it administers medication directly to the site where the medication should act. A pleasant plus for all fellow travellers: the ultrasound inhaler USC makes hardly any noise when nebulising. It can be used with either a mask or a mouthpiece and is also suitable for trouble-free use with children.

The inhaler USC is available for €84.95 RRP in specialist stores and at The inhaler IN 550 Pro costs €69.95.

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