About MEDISANA on World Health Day The leading specialist in the Home Health Care market is in the vanguard of the trend towards future-oriented mobile health monitoring

Neuss, 07-04-2016. Being healthy cannot be taken for granted. World Health Day is intended to remind you every year how important your health is. As a leading specialist in the Home Health Care market, MEDISANA has been committed to human health for more than 30 years. Medisana is in the vanguard of the trend towards mobile health management and supplies future-oriented  products for modern day-to-day life in an increasingly networked world. The mobile health products from this Neuss-based company cover many categories, like body analysis scales, blood pressure monitors, clinical thermometers, activity and sleep trackers, blood sugar meters and pulsoximeters. Especially with regard to personal health checks, they guarantee increased mobility, flexibility, independence and safety. Therefore, as a pioneer in mobile health, Medisana continuously develops evolving intelligent products that form an interface between medicine and the modern lifestyle. The activity and sleep tracker ViFit touch and the Bluetooth clinical thermometer TM 735 are completely new products in the market.

The trend is now to be as active as possible, make conscious efforts to be mobile and do something good for your own health. Medisana supports this trend with the new ViFit touch activity and sleep tracker, which has a modern touch display. Thanks to the VitaDock+ App for iOS and Android, you can invoke your own health parameters at any time from any place. What is special about it: ViFit Touch can also indicate incoming calls and messages to the smartphone.
In the activity mode, the ViFit Touch Activity Tracker records the number of steps, the distance covered, the calories consumed, the total activity time and the percentage of the activity goal reached. It provides a digital overview of the relationship between different parameters such as the number of steps and the daily goal, and at the same time, it is a motivator to be more active. ViFit Touch is suitable for sportspersons as the ideal training support, as well as for couch potatoes as an incitement to be more active in their daily lives. A reminder function that can be coupled to personal daily goals helps ensure additional motivation towards being more active. In addition, ViFit touch can measure the duration and quality of sleep as well as the movements made during the night, because after all, sound sleep is essential for the regeneration of the body and for being fit again to face the next day. After transmission, the data can be very easily synchronised, stored and evaluated with VitaDock Online using Bluetooth® Smart (4.0).

With the new MEDISANA Bluetooth clinical thermometer TM 735, the body temperature can now be monitored continuously with the smartphone and the relevant Thermo app. It is not just the perfect option for parents to have an oversight of the body temperature at all times. The small Bluetooth clinical thermometer TM 735 is conveniently fastened in the armpit of the patient with an adhesive pad and then it automatically transmits the data to the free app. The progression of the values can thus be monitored continuously without having to take measurements all the time. If the temperature zone set in the app is exceeded, an alarm is automatically sounded to draw attention to the increased values. A reminder function for taking medicines on time rounds off the features of the modern MEDISANA Bluetooth clinical thermometer TM 735.

ViFit Touch is available in black, blue and red for a non-binding recommended price of 79.95 Euro from specialist shops and on www.medisana.de. The MEDISANA Bluetooth clinical thermometer TM 735 is available at a price of 99.95 Euro (non-binding retail price).

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