Starting 8th August, mobile healthcare measuring devices are available at Telekom Shops

• Mobile monitoring of temperature, weight, blood glucose, blood pressure and pulse.
• iPhone, iPad and iPod touch turn into a digital healthcare manager.
• Telekom aims for sustained growth through innovative healthcare solutions.

Telekom is opening up its shops for the sales of additional products from its new business areas, Energy, Healthcare and Connected Cars: With the VitaDock products by Medisana, Telekom offers three devices for mobile healthcare monitoring. Also the Body Analysis Scale _TargetScale_ will be available in Telekom Shops soon. These devices allow users to easily and quickly measure, evaluate and store their blood glucose, temperature, weight, blood pressure and pulse. Simply attach the VitaDock measuring modules by MEDISANA to the iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G, iPad or iPod touch. To measure vital signs, users need the VitaDock App. It can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple Store.

_ThermoDock_ turns the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into an infrared thermometer. It can be used to quickly measure the exact temperature of fluids and surfaces in a contact-free way. The infrared technology makes taking the measurement a very hygienic and comfortable process. On the one hand, the device can be used to measure body temperature in just a few seconds. On the other, if the “live mode” is selected, the module can measure how hot baby food is.

*Mobile healthcare check*
_GlucoDock_ helps diabetics quickly and conveniently measure their blood glucose. Five seconds after the measurement is taken, your iPhone displays the data, evaluates it according to your personal settings and stores the data in your smartphone. That means you no longer need to write down your measured values. Thanks to a new journal function, diabetics can also comment on their measured values.

With _CardioDock_, you can easily, quickly and precisely monitor your blood pressure and pulse. Thanks to a patented measuring technology, users get precise measurements even if their blood pressure fluctuates widely: The module calculates and stores the weighted average from three measurements that are automatically taken consecutively. The results are classified in accordance with the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO).

With the body analysis scale, _TargetScale_, iPhone and co. are transformed into a weight manager. The scale transmits the measured data via Bluetooth to your smartphone, where it can be stored, evaluated and annotated with personal comments. In addition to your weight, the _TargetScale_ also determines your body fat, muscle, water and bone mass as well as your body-mass index. The athlete mode also takes into account the fitness level of active athletes.

“By launching the sales of medical products in Telekom Shops, the Group is making another important step towards becoming a provider of intelligent healthcare solutions,” says Axel Wehmeier, head of the Healthcare Group business area at Deutsche Telekom. “We’re thinking about expanding the service even more: In the future, VitaDock users can, if desired, securely make their healthcare data available online to their doctor or family members,” explains Wehmeier.

*iPhone becomes a healthcare manager*
With the VitaDock App, your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch becomes a digital healthcare manager, which stores and can individually evaluate all measured values. The data remains on your personal device and is not transferred to a third party. _GlucoDock_, _ThermoDock_ and _CardioDock_ are certified in compliance with the Medical Devices Act (Medizinproduktegesetz). The _TargetScale_ costs EUR 149.99. The blood glucose measuring module, _GlucoDock_, is EUR 99.99. The blood pressure measuring module, _CardioDock_, is EUR 129.99 and the infrared thermometer module, _ThermoDock_, is EUR 79.99. The measurement modules are available in 350 Telekom Shops. They can also be ordered online at “”: in any Telekom Shop as well as on the Internet.

“VitaDock measurement modules use Plug and Play technology, which makes the devices easy to use and self-explanatory. We are directing these products both at persons who stay in shape and would like to monitor their health values in the long term as well as at chronically ill or older patients who are required to measure their vital signs regularly,” says Ralf Lindner, CEO of MEDISANA AG.

Photos of the mobile health monitoring devices can already be downloaded at:

*About Medisana AG*
MEDISANA, a leading healthcare specialist for nearly 30 years, works continuously on further development of healthcare products for end consumers that enable more and more people to independently and conscientiously monitor their current state of health, to treat themselves and to practice professional beauty care. Hallmarks of MEDISANA products are functional safety, total compatibility with no side effects, high-quality design and ease of use. With its VitaDock products, MEDISANA has taken the first step in the direction of “mobile healthcare management” and laid the foundations for the future of mobile healthcare.

*About Deutsche Telekom AG*
Deutsche Telekom is one of the world’s leading integrated telecommunications companies with around 128 million mobile customers, 36 million fixed-network lines and almost 17 million broadband lines (as of March 31, 2011). The Group provides fixed-network, mobile communications, Internet and IPTV products and services for consumers, and ICT solutions for business and corporate customers. Deutsche Telekom is present in around 50 countries and has approximately 244,000 employees worldwide. The Group generated revenues of EUR 62.4 billion in the 2010 financial year – more than half of it outside Germany (as of December 31, 2010).

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