Modern health management: get fit and feel better with the Body Analysis Scales SL 200 Connect from MEDISANA

Neuss (Germany), 15th June 2015. Physical well-being, fitness and health are often closely linked to each other. It is especially now, in summer, that we enjoy being on the move and participating in activities outdoors. The MEDISANA Body Analysis Scales SL 200 Connect represent state-of-the-art fitness and health management. The scales allow consumers to determine their exact weight, amount of body fat, body water and muscle as well as the weight of the bones, as it is only those people who are aware of their own vital data who receive important information on their personal health.

The multi-functioning scales possess high-quality stainless steel electrodes and help to accurately determine the personal body mass index (BMI), the value that evaluates the relationship between body weight and body size and an important comparative factor. An integrated calorie needs analysis provides information on the actual individual amount of energy needed and supports athletes individually in reaching their personal fitness goals. The scales recognise up to eight users automatically when their convenient step-on function is used to turn the scales on. The large, high-quality LCD display is particularly easy to read and its bright blue background lighting is also impressive.

The Body Analysis Scale SL 200 Connect belongs to the group of innovative MEDISANA Connect products. These products are reliable in assisting the management of individual health and fitness, and allow consumers to keep on eye on their health and vital data anytime, anywhere. All vital data measured can be transferred to the VitaDock+ app for iOs or Android devices via Bluetooth® Smart (4.0). Whether addressing physical activity or body weight: VitaDock+ offers many features such as the daily activity diagram or a 14-day overview that consumers can continuously work with to reach their individual target weight. The scales have already been awarded a prize by an independent jury. The magazine “connect”, Europe’s largest magazine for telecommunications, has awarded the application developed by MEDISANA as the App of the Year in the category “Health & Fitness”. The vital data measured can be saved separate to the device at VitaDock Online, a free online portal developed by MEDISANA, and comfortably viewed as statistics and tables as well as exported and synchronised with other smartphones or tablets so that you can always keep an eye on your own health data measurements.

The MEDISANA Body Analysis Scales SL 200 Connect with Bluetooth is available only in sport retailers for €79.95 RRP.

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