Wake up naturally for a gentle start to the day with the new WL 444 wake-up light from MEDISANA

Neuss, 20.10.2016. What could be better than being woken gently in the morning by a ray of sunlight from the rising sun? Starting the day like this does us good as we need brightness and daylight to become alert and feel fit. It gives us energy, lifts our mood and has a postive influence on our entire well-being. To make such a relaxed awakening and gentle start to the day possible every morning, even in the darkest season of the year, MEDISANA is now introducing its new WL 444 wake-up light. It makes a natural wake-up possible because the light alarm simulates nature’s sunrise – with a special combination of light and a choice of eight nature sounds. The light intensity increases steadily like it does in nature. As a result, our body is stimulated to produce waking hormones even before we get up. We don’t feel as if we’ve been torn from sleep. Instead we are gently eased into the day and therefore feel well- balanced and more relaxed. If you wish, the wake-up function can be backed up by the integrated radio. A wellness light with colour changes in seven colours ensures a beautiful atmosphere as you wake up and can also be used as a bed-side lamp. Thanks to its energy- saving LED light, the new wake-up light WL 444 is particularly longlasting. And for those who always need a little longer to wake up, the snooze function is activated very simply at the touch of a button.

The MEDISANA wake-up light WL 444 comes at the RRP of €69.95. It is available at specialist retailers and from www.medisana.com.

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