New: iHealth – measuring & monitoring blood pressure with the iPhone

Medisana presents the first blood pressure monitoring system for Apple iOs devices
Everyone who owns an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad can now entrust it with an important part of health care. The new iHealth blood pressure monitoring system from Medisana instantly transforms the iPod touch, iPhone or iPad into a highly efficient and modern blood pressure monitor. The iHealth blood pressure monitoring system allows to store, evaluate and view all measured data directly on the iOS device and even send it by e-mail, for example to the doctor. This is a novelty in the German market.


Keep blood pressure under control with iHealth
Using the iHealth blood pressure monitoring system, the iOS users can take a big step towards mobile health care. And iHealth is aimed not only at people who suffer from high blood pressure, but also at all those who want to regularly check their health and pursue preventive care on their own. This makes sense: for example, in Germany, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), every third adult over the age of 35 suffers from high blood pressure (hypertension) – often without knowing it, because high blood pressure does not need to cause any complaints over a long period of time. The risk of associated diseases, such as eye and vascular diseases, kidney and heart failure, is often underestimated in such cases. A routine self-monitoring helps keeping an eye on your own data and health – it is possible with iHealth: in a modern and mobile way.


Test. Track. Graph. Share.
The iHealth blood pressure monitoring system consists of the iHealth blood pressure dock (doubles as charger and docking station), a cuff and the iHealth BPM software which is available as a free app in the iTunes Store. The system is compatible with the second-generation iPod Touch, the iPhone (3G, 3GS, 4) or iPad/iPad2. The use of the iHealth blood pressure monitoring system is self-explanatory and intuitive. Just put on the cuff, connect and the app starts by itself and guides you through the measurement process. The iHealth app displays blood pressure and pulse in a colourful, easy to read form. By touching the on-screen graphics, the user obtains detailed information about the measurements. Thus, using the iHealth blood pressure monitoring system, you learn more about your own health and assess the symptoms better. If, for example, the blood pressure remains high over a longer period of time, it could have to do with certain everyday or life situations and stress could be a possible cause. Using the iHealth blood pressure monitoring system, it is easier to identify such relationships because the blood pressure values are displayed in various graphs over a longer period of time which makes it easier to recognise changes. The practical advantage: the results can be quickly forwarded to friends, relatives or to the doctor.


Data-secure digital health diary
The fact that your own blood pressure and pulse data are stored exclusively on your personal iPod touch, iPhone or iPad makes iHealth so secure. Only the user decides which data he wants to pass on. The app and the measurement results do not require much storage space. Years of data only take up the space of a few songs. And the data is always at hand, because people usually carry their smartphone constantly with them. This means for the user: flexible data monitoring at any time.


The iHealth blood pressure monitoring system: multiple awarded
The iHealth blood pressure monitoring system features not only an entirely new software, its noble design is also a real eye-catcher. And this is exactly the reason why, it has already been awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2011 for outstanding product design and the Plus X Award for innovation and ease of use, as well as for the best product of the year 2011 in its category. iHealth is a modern health monitoring device for health-conscious, modern and mobile people.


Where to buy
The current sales outlets are listed on the website:
Price: from 149 €
The iHealth BPM app is available free of charge in the iTunes Store.
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About Medisana
Medisana works in the healthcare market and belongs to the leading healthcare companies for nearly 30 years. Medisana is specialised in consumer products for the home healthcare market. The product portfolio comprises the segments of "home therapy" ranging from massage to inhalation devices, "health control" with products such as iHealth, as well as classical blood pressure and blood glucose monitors, and the segment of "personal care" that includes, in particular, manicure and pedicure devices. Medisana AG is an internationally operating company with headquarters in Neuss, near Düsseldorf.


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