New, innovative, 4D-heat flow technology – for more rapid and intensive heat development that can be felt

Neuss (Germany), 7th September 2015. MEDISANA is presenting a real innovation at the IFA with the new 4D-heat flow technology used in its heat pads. The proven system of flexible heating filaments and matrix sensor system ensure even heat distribution – effective heat generation and a sense of well-being for the entire body. The basic principle behind the new technology is the increased heat emission via convection (air flow). This has been achieved by perforating the heat pad with small holes between the heating filaments. Air then transports the heat thanks to the convection taking place. The special perforation and the distribution of the heating filaments improves heat emission and the heat pad warms up noticeably faster. The new, breathable cover, together with the circulating air flow, also contributes to the improved heat distribution.

MEDISANA has reacted to its customers wanting faster heating and a higher temperature with its new, unique 4D-technology. The new 4D-technology fulfils both of these wishes – in compliance with all statutory regulations and safety specifications. This means, for example, that the maximum temperature of the head pad for shoulders and back HP 630 is around eight percent higher than its predecessor, it heats up 5 percent faster and transfers heat a whole 200 percent better.

Both the new heat pad for shoulders and back HP 630 as well as the heat pad HP 625 Comfort are fitted out with the new 4D-technology and guarantee intense heat generation. Both pads have four temperature settings, the active safety system “APS” for visual and acoustic temperature control and switch themselves off automatically after 90 minutes of operation. Thanks to its flexible form, the heat pad for shoulders and back HP 630 fits perfectly along the contours of every shoulder, no matter how large or small, while the heat pad HP 625 Comfort wins you over with its special XL-size and removable cover. The outer material of both models are fluffy, soft and machine washable at 40 degrees.

The heat pad for shoulders and back HP 630 is available for €79.95 RRP and the heating pad HP 625 Comfort for €69.95 RRP in specialist stores and at as of the 4th quarter in 2015.

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