New branch in Turkey: MEDISANA Group continues its internationalisation

* Turkey regarded as a particularly attractive emerging market
* Senior managers take a stake, and will provide growth financing
* No investment premium or other initial expense

Hilden, August 5, 2008. MEDISANA AG, the home health care specialist based in Hilden, Germany, has founded a branch in Turkey via its Greek subsidiary Medisana Hellas. Medisana Turkey, which is 51 percent owned by Medisana Hellas, has locations in Istanbul and Ankara. According to Medisana CEO Ralf Lindner, the decision to enter the Turkish market from the neighbouring country of Greece has been taken specifically since its Medisana Hellas subsidiary is highly familiar with the cultural differences relating to Turkish business practices. Ralf Lindner is particularly pleased that Medisana has managed to recruit two top Turkish managers with home healthcare market experience for its Turkish subsidiary: Mesut Kilic and Korhan Sandikcioglu. “Kilic and Sandikcioglu are contributing their expertise to the new company,” he pointed out. “Both senior managers are also taking over responsibility for growth financing.” The Turkish market is regarded as particularly interesting for high-quality home healthcare products. GDP per capita of USD 2,584 is significantly higher than that of Russia (USD 2,361), for example, another emerging market. Per capita expenditures in the Turkish pharmaceuticals market stands at USD 90 (Russia: USD 70). According to Ralf Lindner, some studies have also shown that the current Medisana product range meets the Turkish market’s requirements extremely well. CFO Marco Getz went on to add: “Medisana is founding this new company without committing any significant investments – and yet we will have a direct stake in economic growth. Along with the Turkish managers, our Cypriot partner, who owns the remaining shares in Medisana Hellas, is contributing the rest of the funding for the company. Consequently, Medisana Turkey is extremely well capitalised. We expect Medisana Turkey will make positive contributions to Group earnings by as early as this financial year.”